Sunday, June 1, 2014

Building a Brand: Learn from These Successful Tech Businesses

For aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners today, learning from leading tech firms can help any business become more successful. By learning from those who have managed to defeat all odds, strategies for success can be developed that can be applied to any industry. This article will outline several successful tech companies that entrepreneurs can learn from.

Originally started as a Stanford research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google has grown to be a massive enterprise today. In almost everything it does, it seeks to innovate and follow its slogan, "Don't be evil". From search engine technology, to online analytics, Google has proven its ability to add value to customers through outstanding innovation. After acquiring YouTube for $1 billion, Google has since turned YouTube into a cornerstone of the internet. Google has also proven its abilities to enter an existing market and be successful with Google Plus, which in just a few years has grown to almost surpass leading social networks.

Apple is the ultimate success story for entrepreneurs who start from nothing. Launched from the garage of Steve Jobs, the company grew to become one of the leading software and hardware innovators for personal computers in the 1980s. While the company declined in the 1990s, it rebounded with unprecedented success with successful offerings such as the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Today, Apple is valued at nearly $1 trillion and is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Their secret to success is simply to never stop innovating.

When Apple declined, it was because Microsoft took its place. When Microsoft entered the operating system market in the late 1970s, it had the end in mind the entire time. By the 1990s, Microsoft had successfully made Windows the essential operating system for any individual or business wishing to use a personal computer. To this day, Microsoft has continued to shine by following up on its victories with operating systems that are even further improved.

In the last decade, a wide variety of companies have emerged and made it big in the digital world. Even if your company has less to do with computers than these examples, you can use their advice for innovation, constant creativity and determination to get your name out there. According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, an MBA in management information systems online can be a useful tool for any new company. Use the skills you already possess and give yourself a boost with advertising and invention. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Makes An SEO Website Poor Quality And Lower Ranked

Search Engine Optimization is very much important in these days. Without the proper SEO, your site is not going to be optimized and ranked higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). There are different kinds of SEO mistakes that persons make, which results in the lower rank in the popular search engines, even banned by them. Mistakes are made because of the presence of different kinds of publishers, with enormously different levels of approaches and knowledge. 

Different people, engaged in SEO
These falls into four different categories: People, who do not truly get familiar with the SEO, so they do not get in touch with the fact that they must accomplish something about it. Persons, who have worse knowledge and information about SEO, they accomplish the wrong thing. Individuals, who engage in SEO and deliberately, violate the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. People, who realize SEO and try to abide by the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. All of them make efforts on their own to improve the SEO aspect of any website, according to their skills and knowledge.  All the things lead to the great confusion and mistakes. Have a look at some common mistakes made by people, mentioned below:

Fail to build up your CMS
There are a lot of e-commerce or content management systems, which can be created SEO friendly. Though, all of them need some configuration level, incorporating Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ATG and many others. Descriptions and custom titles for every page are an ordinary configuration necessity for all of these systems, but there are frequently many more components also. These can incorporate creating a site maps file, removing duplicate content, personalizing URL’s for search engine easiness, and much more. You need to ensure to acquire information from your content management system company on what the SEO requirements for configuration are for their platforms. 

Having duplicate content 
This issue has been around always, and frequently effects from failing to construct your CMS or sloppy coding, or only easily not understanding that dealing with it is essential. Duplicate content is defined as including the same content, or almost the same content, come into view on 2 different URL’s. This kind of issue can cause search engines in order to rank your website lower, and hence, move you less traffic. 

Having thin content
Thin content is defined as pages, which simply do not include lots of context on them, or websites with a lot of pages, which are not that dissimilar from one another, although, these are not considered duplicates. A lot of websites can include this issue. This is a fabricated example of what could be reflected on a thin content web page on an ecommerce website. You can hire Miami SEO services to get rid of thin content issues. 
This leads to make a website of poor quality. Certainly, this is quite probably to take place. More frequently than not it is due to the fact that a publisher has understood enough about Search Engine Optimization to learn that including pages for dissimilar topics can assist in attracting more traffic, but they do not place adequate effort into the web pages they insert to make them valuable and unique. 

Author Bio
Claudia is a professional writer, who has a keen interest in the latest technology aspects such as Internet marketing Miami and many others. She has written a lot of creative and unique articles and blog posts on these topics. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Top 5 constructive tips for bloggers

Blogging requires whole lot of exercises and hardwork and keeping various things in place as well.  Since, you have to take care of responding to the queries of the visitors, interacting on social media sites, maintaining blogs, posting regular content etc. Therefore, considering the mammoth task which the blogging world is synonymous with, you have to really come up with a strategy in order to manage the same. My main aim of coming up with the post is to help you accomplish the task in a timely manner by equally saving a lot of your precious time in the process as well.
Hence, in the following post you will know the top 5 productive tips for bloggers
Manage the time
Managing the time stands out to be an important criteria of a successful blogger. Since, it is often said that if you don’t respect the “time”, then “time” won’t respect you either. Therefore, as a blogger you have to prioritize the things in order to complete them according to their importance.
Learn from watching YouTube videos
Who can deny the importance of learning from watching YouTube videos? As a beginner, if you want to gain knowledge about various things such as web designing, SEO, blogging etc, then there are list of detailed videos. You can indeed have a detailed knowledge about them in an easy manner since it is a human tendency that we tend to learn things in a far easier manner if they are visually depicted.
Make no mistake of distracting yourself
How many times does it happen that while blogging, we tend to get swayed over an interesting remark made by our friends on social media sites or we get attracted over a funny image? Yes it happens. As a result our focus at once changes from blogging to such sites and we spend a big chunk of our time. This is where we have to be cautious as such acts shouldn’t prove to be a distraction at the time when we do blogging.
Create a to-do list
A blogger considering the immense tasks should create a to-do list in order to streamline the whole process. Since, he/she is surrounded by so many tasks and timely completing them creates a challenge of its own. Therefore, in order to succeed, it is important for you to create the list for your next day.
Learn from mistakes
It is not wrong to make mistakes, but what is important is that we should learn from them. Since, without doing the same, we in a way will create loads of inconvenience and problems for ourselves. Therefore, we should learn from them as it is another constructive tip which we can’t deny in any manner for sure. Usually, we see so many bloggers repeating the same mistake again and it certainly shouldn’t be the case with you in any manner.
Finally, these are the top 5 constructive tips for bloggers. As you follow on them, you will experience a pleasant change for sure.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Tarun Jaitely, He writes about make money online, blogging, SEO, Freelancing, Fiverr Alternatives and other related topics on his blog.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Devious Devices: Technology We Can't Live Without

Over the past decade, mobile devices have gone from cool gadgets, to irreplaceable parts of everyday living. It has even come to a point where those who lack a smartphone are excluded from social groups and even certain lines of work, though not necessarily out of malice towards Luddites, but simply due to the fact that these are the platforms on which we communicate. Additionally, with the proliferation of screens you can carry in your pocket, a number of other fringe-accessories are now must-haves. Take a look at how new technology has come to change and grow into our daily lifes.

The Smartphone
These days, the question isn't whether to get a smartphone, it’s which smartphone are you going to get. After purchasing your first smartphone, it’s hard to imagine how you functioned before you had a map, the internet, your music, and a calendar in your pocket. The constant connection goes beyond the personal applications, though. Many jobs that aren't just made easier by having a smartphone, but are actually impossible to do without one. These aren't just high-paying business or marketing type jobs, but things as simple as taxi services and managing odd-jobs. Entrepreneurs are using smartphones as point-of-sale systems, opting for Paypal over other credit card service fees. 

When Apple rolled out the iPad, many scoffed at a seemingly needless piece of technology. How would you compute without a keyboard? Now, there are schools that distribute tablets to their students and mobile app developer is a career path. The touchscreen is the preferred method of input, and children are learning how to use them at very early ages. A tablet has all the speed and most of the portability of a smartphone, merely trading the phone for a slightly larger screen. And, with all those other methods of connectivity, it’s not a bad exchange.

Every market creates a sub-market. Touchscreens smudge, and devices are fragile and expensive. Some sort of case and protective screen is practically a required purchase for any device, and this is where the marketing towards personalization really shines. You only have to go to cellphonecases to see how many different styles and types of protection there is. Cases advertised to every different kind of personality and lifestyle.

These devices are having drastic effects on how we interact with each other on personal and economic levels. Some of these changes are positive, as connectivity lends itself well to efficiency. However, it’s pretty easy to get glued to a screen and forget the world around you. Where will our devices take us next?

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Best Google Page Rank Checker Tools

There are quite a few PageRank checking tools online that are good for the simple fact that they are free and because they do their job. It is hard to complain about the web design of some of these services or the cheap way they have constructed their websites when their free tool does its job so well. Here are some of the best Google Page Rank checkers, all of which are free to use.

This is a tool that is part of a bigger set of tools. You can check your PageRanks in bulk with this tool. This means you may check numerous websites at one time. One page you will see tabs near the top of the page. Click on the "tool" tab and click the Webmaster Tools » Multiple PageRank Checker Tool. You are given a place to paste your domains and it click the button. Sometimes, if you have a poor or bad PR then it shows a funny line and nothing else.

SEO Rank Smart
With this tool you are able to check your PageRank in bulk. You need to go to SEO webmaster tools and then to "Bulk Google PageRank Checker". This presents you with a screen to check your PageRanks. Paste your domains in to the box, enter the security code which is printed on there and click to generate your PageRank. It then gives you the number of your PageRank on a small table. 

Being able to check in bulk is the new big thing these days. That is why all of the tools on this website allow you to check your domains in bulk.

This looks like a new website, mainly because it is asking for advertisers, which is not common for more established websites. Still, the website offers a tool that is free and works so it is hard to complain. Simply enter your domains into the box that appears on the home page and click to submit. It takes a few seconds and shows you your domain PageRank(s). 

This website is not a suite of tools; it is all about checking PageRanks, so you will not be surprised to learn that on the home page is the tool for checking your websites. All you have to do enter all the domains you want to check and click to submit. Give it a few seconds and it comes back with your PageRanks.

Many of the websites on this list are cheaply made, and as said in the introduction, it is okay because they are offering free use of their tool. However, this website has gone a step further. It is still a cheap content management system creation, but instead of the usual affiliate advertising and site maps and other links, there is just a home page (a single page website) with a preamble and the tool.  To be honest it is quite a refreshing attitude. 

Getting your PageRanks could not be simpler. You paste all of your domain names in to the box on the home page. You then pick the PageRanks you want. So, For example, if you only want to see websites with a PageRank of four then select four and run the tool. It will come back and show you which of the websites you entered are PageRank 4. 

Why is giving you such a choice a good thing? This is because most people use bulk tools to check the PageRank of blogs. They check to see if the blogs they have on their list are worth adding a guest post. This means if you are looking for a certain PageRank within the list then you can find it very quickly with this tool.

At the time of writing this tool is free, though they may be making changes to have you pay at some point. You can tell by how they now desire that you sign in and create an account before they let you use the tool. They never used to ask such things, so they are probably working their way up to monetizing the website. Create your account and you are allow to use the site for free and the too. They do have notices saying that the registration is free. This is often a clue that some part of their service is not free. Still, at the time of writing they allow people to create an account and use the tool.

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Sonia J. is an author of this post. She's also in a team of that helps students to find the most reliable and professional writing service.