Friday, June 5, 2015

Bulk Deleting Emails get rid off from 793 error

Trying to delete the emails in Gmail leading to 793 error ? don't worry here is a solution to clean all those hundreds of thousands of emails which are there from past year or less. To do this you need run a small script using Google Script.
First go to this link
Then start a script and copy paste the below script into Google script and save it (click the little clock button).
This is for your triggers. You can set up how frequently you want the script to run (I did mine for every minute).

function batchDeleteA() {
  var batchSize = 100 // Process up to 100 threads at once
  var threads ='label:inbox older_than:2d');
  for (j = 0; j < threads.length; j+=batchSize) {
    GmailApp.moveThreadsToTrash(threads.slice(j, j+batchSize));

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Why your business needs an employee monitoring software

Among all the contemporary challenges a business manager faces today, probably the greatest challenge is to increase the efficiency of the human resource. While many training program, seminars, and other related activities are conducted with the rationale of increasing the efficiency of the employees, research shows that cyber loafing (using the company’s internet connection for personal purposes) is a major distraction for employees, which greatly reduces the employees’ efficiency at work. Thus, it is very difficult for a manager to make sure that his subordinates are performing the tasks they are supposed to do rather than wasting time over the internet. 
To counter such a situation, IT developers have developed a dedicated application, termed as an employee monitoring application, which fully monitors the activities performed by the employees using their smartphones. Such applications are compatible with all the contemporary mobile operating systems, such as Android, iOS, Blackberry, and Windows.Some of the top reasons you should install an employee monitoring application on the smartphones of your employees are detailed below:

• Cyber loafing: 
Most of the corporateemployees consider it justified to use the business’ internet connection for their personal purposes such as socializing, personal emails, online dating and useless surfing. This not only decreases the efficiency of the employees, as the bulk of the time is spent in cyber loafing, but also has serious legal implications as well. Didn’t understand? Let me explain. Suppose any of your employees gets engaged in any illegal activity and the authorities are able to track the IP address of the internet connection. In such a situation, being the registered user of the internet connection,the business owner will be held responsible for the activity and may be sued in the court of law.So, to avoid any such situation or to track the one responsible for the illegal act, it is very essential to install a cell phone monitoring app on the smartphones of the employees.

• Financial scams:
Research analysis reveal the fact that many companies have recently signed up for fidelity insurance besides other insurance plans, the reason of which is the increasing number of financial frauds committed by the employees of the business corporations. Lately, many such cases have also been reported where many of the key employees of numerous business corporations were indeed the ‘physical spywares’ of the rival companies. Such disloyal employees first gain access to the confidential business information and then sell it to the rival against some personal benefit. This clearly, is a major threat to the business, and can only be dealt with an employee monitoring software.

Another thing worth mentioning here that it is illegal to monitor cell phone of somebody without his consent, so do not forget to mention this term in the employment contract that employees will be provided with such smartphones, which have an employee monitoring software installed on them. This will save you from any possible law suit by the employees, if they blame you for illegally spying on employees cell phones.

Some of the key functions performed by an employee monitoring software are listed below: 
• Monitoring incoming and outgoing phone calls
• Reading incoming and outgoing text messages. 
• Monitoring the email communication made by the employee.
• Accessing the contacts list and gallery items of the targeted smartphone. 
• Monitoring the pages surfed by the employee through his smartphone. 

Managing employees in the current business environment is one of the biggest tasks performed by the human resource managers. Employees tend to waste their time online and are often involved in inside jobs too. However, both of the said problems can be tackled with the help of an employee monitoring software, which dedicatedly keeps an eye on the activities performed by the employee through his smartphone. 

Author Bio:
Nicki is an author, Tech Experts and Relationship Advisor. Mostly she writes about Employee Monitoring legality. Her latest article why businesses need an employee monitoring software got wide social media attraction.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Tech Toys You Never Knew Existed

Technology is moving faster than ever before. The following gadgets are just a few of the technological advancements you never knew or imagined existed. They range from the incredible, to the just plain funny. Get ready to be wowed by the wonder of the technological age!

DJI Phantom Drone

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a Phantom Vision Plus drone. From Drone ETC comes an amazing little quadrocopter that comes in a variety of sizes ranging from camera sized, to tiny toy. It is so small you can control it with your smartphone, and it allows you capture beautiful HD footage. Now you can unleash your creativity by capturing million dollar looking shots and breath-taking vistas. The possibilities are literally limitless. 

Air2 Floating Bluetooth Speaker

Have you ever heard of a floating speaker? Well, we hadn't either until we saw the new Air 2. This gadget has a 10 meter transmission distance and can be controlled using your smartphone. It also has a free-hands calling option to get it back to you when you need it. This gadget uses magnets to float in the air. If you enjoy the futuristic look, then this device is definitely for you. 


If you travel often, or if you just really miss your pet then this gadget is a must-have. It is a camera with two way audio and built in laser. You can see and talk to your pet, and play with them using the laser. There is also an option where the laser automatically plays with your pet for you when you get tired. If you feel guilty leaving your pet alone or if you travel often, this device will help you keep your pet close even when you're far. 


If you hate cleaning then give this gadget a try. Get all that dust out of your house by using this robotic mini vacuum cleaner in your home or office. The gadget detects all the furniture in the room and avoids hitting them. It also provides music connectivity. Sit back, relax, and let this robot do all the cleaning. 

Polaroid Socialmatic 14MP Instant Print Camera 

We are all familiar with the legendary Polaroid cameras of the 80’s. This is the new and improved digital version. It is a tablet and instant camera in one. You can connect it to wifi, read your email, or even a book. The camera allows you to take pictures at 14-megapixels, edit them and print as many copies as you want. It is also customized to fit your personality with the pictures you like coming up first. 

The future is now and new gadgets are popping up everywhere to make our lives easier, or to just make us happier. Check out these latest devices everyone is talking about. 

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Five iPhone Accessories to Up Your Geek Status

There is no shortage of options when it comes to iPhone accessories, but what about owners that are ready to up their geek status? Instead of those bland cases and ear buds, some want to know what science and nerd-based accessories they can use to make their smartphone more exciting than ever. If you own one of the hundreds of millions of iPhones that are in circulation, here is a look at five of the absolute best accessories for science and technology lovers. 
1. Portable Oscilloscope
With over 500 million iPhones having been sold, it is no wonder that some manufacturers have targeted electricians and hobbyists with a portable oscilloscope. These amazing devices have been used for many years to measure the change of voltage in an electrical charge for industries such as engineering, healthcare, and telecommunications, but they did come with the drawback of being large and unwieldy. A portable iPhone oscilloscope can carry out all of the same functions as a full-sized model, including the testing of digital and analog signals. 
2. Blood Pressure Cuff
High blood pressure can lead to a variety of serious health issues, including an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Unfortunately, taking an accurate measurement typically had to be done with a personal cuff at home or in the doctor's office. An iPhone blood pressure cuff allows owners to test their blood pressure anywhere and at any time. As an added bonus, this accessory can send the results directly to a health app or stored for later analysis by the doctor.
3. Portable Telescope
With a simple attachment the iPhone can turn into a powerful telescope that has the ability to capture and save images from the sky. While these telescopes are around the same size as a traditional amateur telescope, they do come with some amazing advantages. The most useful feature is the ability to take real-time photos of the images that are seen as well as widen the picture so multiple users can enjoy the telescope at once. For those that already have a telescope that they use, a simple telescope-to-iPhone adapter can be purchased. 
4. A Digital Microscope
Just as an iPhone can easily be turned upwards as a telescope, a simple attachment can also turn it into a portable and high-def digital microscope. These devices are often no larger than a small flashlight and can take up to 5 megapixel pictures. They can be used by those within the healthcare industry to track information for patients or simply as a tool for the hobbyist looking for exciting new technology. Much like the telescope, simple adapters can also be purchased in order to capture images from a previously owned handheld digital microscope.
5. Solar Panel Case
With all of these accessories being used, even the iPhone's advanced lithium battery is going to need to be recharged frequently. Instead of waiting to get back to the car or looking for a wall outlet, a solar panel case is a great way to keep the smartphone running with nothing more than a little sunlight. While solar panel cases will not charge as quickly as wall chargers, they are more efficient than ever and add no more weight or size to an iPhone than a typical impact-resistant case. For a full charge from 0 to 100 percent, owners can expect a charge time of 3 to 4 hours depending on the amount of sunlight, apps that are currently on, and the age of the phone. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to some of the amazing iPhone accessories that are currently available today. These five products are only the beginning for iPhone owners that are ready to reaffirm their status as a proud geek.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whatsapp Web - Now you can access Whatsapp on your PC

Now you can access WhatsApp Web version officially in your computer without using any Emulators or third party software

Let see how it would be

- Update your Whatsapp to latest version
- Goto in your PC(currently works only in Chrome browser)

- Scan the QR code using Whatsapp Web which is found in Whatsapp Menu (No need to download/use third-party QR Code scanner)

- After completion of the scan Whatsapp will open in your Chrome browser. That's it now you can chat with your whatsapp friends through browser

Note: For best performance use Wifi/3G/4G in your smartphone

For Video Demo visit Whatsapp Web