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Mobile Photography and Tips to Improve It

Admit it! You love it when the mobile pictures you share online gets plenty of likes and comments. It gives you a sense of happiness to see the image you took, getting a lot of attention. But with the limited filters and settings in photo editing applications like Instagram, expect your pictures to look exactly like other people's photos.
If you want to improve your pictures and make them stand out, here are few tips that you should follow:

Look At Your Subject in Different Perspective
Do not limit yourself on what your eyes are making you see. Look beyond the linear perspective and experiment on angles and foreground. There are various perceptive composition to help images look entirely different. The most common perspectives are the birds eye view and the worms eye. The former being taken in high vantage point while the latter, taken in a low point of view. There are also overlapped perspective where subjects from the foreground partially covers the background subject. This creates a sense of depth, which shows relative distance among the subjects. Playing with angles help your photos dynamic and pleasant to look at.

Know The Perfect Filter
Instagram filters create a retro-analog effect to you digital images. Usually, people use a trial and error process in choosing which filter to use but it is time consuming. You have to be familiar with filters. Here are few:
•Hefe: Slight vignette edge that improves contrast and saturation. Makes color pop in an already vibrant subject.
•Valencia: High retro effect that makes an eerie feel. It washes out and overexpose images to create antique look to the subject.
•Toaster: High saturation filter with burnt center emphasizing vignette edges. This is a dramatic filter that pushes the attention to the central part of the image.
•X Pro II: A very versatile filter that suits indoor and outdoor subject, whether portrait or landscape. It also make colors pop out to give a Photoshop effect.

Be Creative with Props
You should add spice to your subjects by adding props like flowers, boxes, shells and figurines. Subjects with props get more attention than the bare ones that is why shopping stores always adorn their window displays with props. Play and experiment with these materials to improve the composition of your images.

Mind the Light
Everyone knows that bad light ruins an image. That is why you have to know where best to photograph your subject. Here are few points to note:

•Indoors, open as much light as possible, but be aware of harsh shadows because it can ruin the composition. You can use reflectors to minimize shadows.
•Outdoors, you have to avoid too much light. It basks your frame into too much white light that might remove important contrasts.
•Camera phone lenses are prone to sun flares. Sun flares can ruin your photos, but you can use it to you advantage by experimenting with it.

Experiment With Lenses
Be more creative by adding clip-on lenses on your phone. It can be wide-angle, close-up or fisheye lens. Fisheye lens is an ultra wide lens that makes visual distortion to your photos. Wide angles are perfect for taking landscapes while close up lens is good in capturing details. With lenses you can create great depth-of-field that you can only achieve through professional cameras.

Try New Photo Editing Tools
If you cannot achieve your desired effect in Instagram, you can export your photos and open it in a different editing application before posting it in Instagram. There are many great photo applications for android and iOS phones. Here are few apps that you can try:

•Camera 360: An easy to use photo editing application that offers creative filters. Unlike Instagram, camera 360 has filters that gives more than the retro style. You can play with saturation, glow and soften filters. You can also improve the lighting of under or over exposed pictures.
•Camera Zoom FXP: This photo app makes your phone camera more powerful. Aside from helpful grids to compose your images properly, this app helps you take in stable-shot mode to avoid blurry images. It also has voice activated shooting mode.
•Pixler Express: This is a mobile version of the widely popular Photoshop alternative. It basically runs the same way as Instagram but it feature more interesting filters. It also has a very user friendly interface to easily navigate the application.

These are the few tips that you can do to improve your photos and make them stick out from the usual retro images you see online. Remember expressing creativity should never be limited to filters, you have to think outside the box to make every photos you share online, memorable.

Author's Bio:
Maddy is a global writer and blogger, she is currently writing for Millennials in Manila, a web magazine about life, career, culture, entertainment and more

Thunderbolt Firmware Update Headed Mac Users Way

Everyone knows how important it is to keep themselves in touch with every update that gets released, whether it be for their mobile or PC operating system. With the advancement of malware and spyware, it seems impossible to have a device which functions without causing issues unless one is properly updated and on top of the vulnerabilities that hackers and their virus brigade manage to get the best of.

And speaking of updates, Apple has come out with a recent update for Mac systems, which have ever so slowly been losing their status as super safe computer systems. Overall Apple has always managed to keep the security side of things tight (too tight according to some) but lately it’s Mac OS has been coming under fire for not being able to stand the test of hard drive extraction and usage. Though Mac users hardly complain of Mac spy software or other such standard issues, this particular liability has needed to be addressed and the update that will do so is finally here.

The firmware update is for the Thunderbolt controllers in Mac systems. The entire update is designed to deal with the issues popping up with individuals using Target Disk Mode to mount a Mac’s internal hard drive onto another system or external drive. This method is mostly used for trouble shooting the hard drive function or whenever users need to migrate their data to a new Mac system but it can also potentially leak your information if in the wrong hands. Anyone with physical access to your system and a root account can easily go through your emails and whatever else is stored. Of course this is a major threat to both user security and privacy.

This particular update isn’t a heavy one and is simply 1.22MB; it can be either downloaded through Apple’s Support Downloads website or then run manually or you can run the Software Update Service in OS X in the Apple menu. Despite its small size, this particular update comes with firmware updates for a number of systems with this port including the iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini systems. So far there hasn’t been any word of any specific system requirements which are needed and hence one can assume that it would be applicable to anyone whose device sports a Thunderbolt port.

For users who are attempting to install this update, simply make sure that you are indeed following the onscreen instructions by Apple and there is no chance of disruption of your power supply. Updating firmware is actually a fragile process and if gone even slightly wrong, it can end up corrupting your system and leaving it useless. Of course Apple’s release is a part of advanced technology and this modern firmware updating method seems secure and safe from corruption over the last few years.

What the update does require is the OS X 10.8.3 and as with all updates and installations, you will need to restart your system for installation. Now having read up on this, go get your update ASAP, waiting around to update is never a smart idea.

Katherine Kayden is a writer for Stealthmate and loves to blog about latest trends in the tech world and further review them. She can be contacted @

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Building a Brand: Learn from These Successful Tech Businesses

For aspiring entrepreneurs and business owners today, learning from leading tech firms can help any business become more successful. By learning from those who have managed to defeat all odds, strategies for success can be developed that can be applied to any industry. This article will outline several successful tech companies that entrepreneurs can learn from.

Originally started as a Stanford research project by Sergey Brin and Larry Page, Google has grown to be a massive enterprise today. In almost everything it does, it seeks to innovate and follow its slogan, "Don't be evil". From search engine technology, to online analytics, Google has proven its ability to add value to customers through outstanding innovation. After acquiring YouTube for $1 billion, Google has since turned YouTube into a cornerstone of the internet. Google has also proven its abilities to enter an existing market and be successful with Google Plus, which in just a few years has grown to almost surpass leading social networks.

Apple is the ultimate success story for entrepreneurs who start from nothing. Launched from the garage of Steve Jobs, the company grew to become one of the leading software and hardware innovators for personal computers in the 1980s. While the company declined in the 1990s, it rebounded with unprecedented success with successful offerings such as the iPod, iPad, and iPhone. Today, Apple is valued at nearly $1 trillion and is one of the most profitable companies in the world. Their secret to success is simply to never stop innovating.

When Apple declined, it was because Microsoft took its place. When Microsoft entered the operating system market in the late 1970s, it had the end in mind the entire time. By the 1990s, Microsoft had successfully made Windows the essential operating system for any individual or business wishing to use a personal computer. To this day, Microsoft has continued to shine by following up on its victories with operating systems that are even further improved.

In the last decade, a wide variety of companies have emerged and made it big in the digital world. Even if your company has less to do with computers than these examples, you can use their advice for innovation, constant creativity and determination to get your name out there. According to the New Jersey Institute of Technology, an MBA in management information systems online can be a useful tool for any new company. Use the skills you already possess and give yourself a boost with advertising and invention. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

What Makes An SEO Website Poor Quality And Lower Ranked

Search Engine Optimization is very much important in these days. Without the proper SEO, your site is not going to be optimized and ranked higher in the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). There are different kinds of SEO mistakes that persons make, which results in the lower rank in the popular search engines, even banned by them. Mistakes are made because of the presence of different kinds of publishers, with enormously different levels of approaches and knowledge. 

Different people, engaged in SEO
These falls into four different categories: People, who do not truly get familiar with the SEO, so they do not get in touch with the fact that they must accomplish something about it. Persons, who have worse knowledge and information about SEO, they accomplish the wrong thing. Individuals, who engage in SEO and deliberately, violate the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. People, who realize SEO and try to abide by the guidelines of the Google Webmaster. All of them make efforts on their own to improve the SEO aspect of any website, according to their skills and knowledge.  All the things lead to the great confusion and mistakes. Have a look at some common mistakes made by people, mentioned below:

Fail to build up your CMS
There are a lot of e-commerce or content management systems, which can be created SEO friendly. Though, all of them need some configuration level, incorporating Magento, Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, ATG and many others. Descriptions and custom titles for every page are an ordinary configuration necessity for all of these systems, but there are frequently many more components also. These can incorporate creating a site maps file, removing duplicate content, personalizing URL’s for search engine easiness, and much more. You need to ensure to acquire information from your content management system company on what the SEO requirements for configuration are for their platforms. 

Having duplicate content 
This issue has been around always, and frequently effects from failing to construct your CMS or sloppy coding, or only easily not understanding that dealing with it is essential. Duplicate content is defined as including the same content, or almost the same content, come into view on 2 different URL’s. This kind of issue can cause search engines in order to rank your website lower, and hence, move you less traffic. 

Having thin content
Thin content is defined as pages, which simply do not include lots of context on them, or websites with a lot of pages, which are not that dissimilar from one another, although, these are not considered duplicates. A lot of websites can include this issue. This is a fabricated example of what could be reflected on a thin content web page on an ecommerce website. You can hire Miami SEO services to get rid of thin content issues. 
This leads to make a website of poor quality. Certainly, this is quite probably to take place. More frequently than not it is due to the fact that a publisher has understood enough about Search Engine Optimization to learn that including pages for dissimilar topics can assist in attracting more traffic, but they do not place adequate effort into the web pages they insert to make them valuable and unique. 

Author Bio
Claudia is a professional writer, who has a keen interest in the latest technology aspects such as Internet marketing Miami and many others. She has written a lot of creative and unique articles and blog posts on these topics. 

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Top 5 constructive tips for bloggers

Blogging requires whole lot of exercises and hardwork and keeping various things in place as well.  Since, you have to take care of responding to the queries of the visitors, interacting on social media sites, maintaining blogs, posting regular content etc. Therefore, considering the mammoth task which the blogging world is synonymous with, you have to really come up with a strategy in order to manage the same. My main aim of coming up with the post is to help you accomplish the task in a timely manner by equally saving a lot of your precious time in the process as well.
Hence, in the following post you will know the top 5 productive tips for bloggers
Manage the time
Managing the time stands out to be an important criteria of a successful blogger. Since, it is often said that if you don’t respect the “time”, then “time” won’t respect you either. Therefore, as a blogger you have to prioritize the things in order to complete them according to their importance.
Learn from watching YouTube videos
Who can deny the importance of learning from watching YouTube videos? As a beginner, if you want to gain knowledge about various things such as web designing, SEO, blogging etc, then there are list of detailed videos. You can indeed have a detailed knowledge about them in an easy manner since it is a human tendency that we tend to learn things in a far easier manner if they are visually depicted.
Make no mistake of distracting yourself
How many times does it happen that while blogging, we tend to get swayed over an interesting remark made by our friends on social media sites or we get attracted over a funny image? Yes it happens. As a result our focus at once changes from blogging to such sites and we spend a big chunk of our time. This is where we have to be cautious as such acts shouldn’t prove to be a distraction at the time when we do blogging.
Create a to-do list
A blogger considering the immense tasks should create a to-do list in order to streamline the whole process. Since, he/she is surrounded by so many tasks and timely completing them creates a challenge of its own. Therefore, in order to succeed, it is important for you to create the list for your next day.
Learn from mistakes
It is not wrong to make mistakes, but what is important is that we should learn from them. Since, without doing the same, we in a way will create loads of inconvenience and problems for ourselves. Therefore, we should learn from them as it is another constructive tip which we can’t deny in any manner for sure. Usually, we see so many bloggers repeating the same mistake again and it certainly shouldn’t be the case with you in any manner.
Finally, these are the top 5 constructive tips for bloggers. As you follow on them, you will experience a pleasant change for sure.

About Author: This is a guest post written by Tarun Jaitely, He writes about make money online, blogging, SEO, Freelancing, Fiverr Alternatives and other related topics on his blog.