Sunday, February 8, 2015

Five iPhone Accessories to Up Your Geek Status

There is no shortage of options when it comes to iPhone accessories, but what about owners that are ready to up their geek status? Instead of those bland cases and ear buds, some want to know what science and nerd-based accessories they can use to make their smartphone more exciting than ever. If you own one of the hundreds of millions of iPhones that are in circulation, here is a look at five of the absolute best accessories for science and technology lovers. 
1. Portable Oscilloscope
With over 500 million iPhones having been sold, it is no wonder that some manufacturers have targeted electricians and hobbyists with a portable oscilloscope. These amazing devices have been used for many years to measure the change of voltage in an electrical charge for industries such as engineering, healthcare, and telecommunications, but they did come with the drawback of being large and unwieldy. A portable iPhone oscilloscope can carry out all of the same functions as a full-sized model, including the testing of digital and analog signals. 
2. Blood Pressure Cuff
High blood pressure can lead to a variety of serious health issues, including an increased risk of heart disease and heart attacks. Unfortunately, taking an accurate measurement typically had to be done with a personal cuff at home or in the doctor's office. An iPhone blood pressure cuff allows owners to test their blood pressure anywhere and at any time. As an added bonus, this accessory can send the results directly to a health app or stored for later analysis by the doctor.
3. Portable Telescope
With a simple attachment the iPhone can turn into a powerful telescope that has the ability to capture and save images from the sky. While these telescopes are around the same size as a traditional amateur telescope, they do come with some amazing advantages. The most useful feature is the ability to take real-time photos of the images that are seen as well as widen the picture so multiple users can enjoy the telescope at once. For those that already have a telescope that they use, a simple telescope-to-iPhone adapter can be purchased. 
4. A Digital Microscope
Just as an iPhone can easily be turned upwards as a telescope, a simple attachment can also turn it into a portable and high-def digital microscope. These devices are often no larger than a small flashlight and can take up to 5 megapixel pictures. They can be used by those within the healthcare industry to track information for patients or simply as a tool for the hobbyist looking for exciting new technology. Much like the telescope, simple adapters can also be purchased in order to capture images from a previously owned handheld digital microscope.
5. Solar Panel Case
With all of these accessories being used, even the iPhone's advanced lithium battery is going to need to be recharged frequently. Instead of waiting to get back to the car or looking for a wall outlet, a solar panel case is a great way to keep the smartphone running with nothing more than a little sunlight. While solar panel cases will not charge as quickly as wall chargers, they are more efficient than ever and add no more weight or size to an iPhone than a typical impact-resistant case. For a full charge from 0 to 100 percent, owners can expect a charge time of 3 to 4 hours depending on the amount of sunlight, apps that are currently on, and the age of the phone. 

The sky is the limit when it comes to some of the amazing iPhone accessories that are currently available today. These five products are only the beginning for iPhone owners that are ready to reaffirm their status as a proud geek.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

Whatsapp Web - Now you can access Whatsapp on your PC

Now you can access WhatsApp Web version officially in your computer without using any Emulators or third party software

Let see how it would be

- Update your Whatsapp to latest version
- Goto in your PC(currently works only in Chrome browser)

- Scan the QR code using Whatsapp Web which is found in Whatsapp Menu (No need to download/use third-party QR Code scanner)

- After completion of the scan Whatsapp will open in your Chrome browser. That's it now you can chat with your whatsapp friends through browser

Note: For best performance use Wifi/3G/4G in your smartphone

For Video Demo visit Whatsapp Web 

Tuesday, January 6, 2015 Meet The New Property Search App

Are you currently browsing the application store in hopes of finding a powerful mobile application, which will help you search for properties in India? The truth of the matter is that there are numerous websites and apps, which can offer these services. Much like the number of properties in India, this can make it difficult to find the right one for your specific preferences. While it will all come down to personal tastes and preferences, it is a wonderful idea to experiment with each in order to find the one that suits your needs. Of course, you might want to download a free CommonFloor alternative now and experiment. If this is something you’re thinking about doing, you should definitely check out the amazing, new App.

About the App
The App is developed by the same team, which launched the ultra success, award-winning website, Although the application is a small download, it comes with some very powerful features and is completely flexible. In order to download the app, you can find the download link through your application store or through the website. Anyone with an Android of iOS device can download and use the application immediately, since it can be downloaded for free. Unlike many other similar apps, this one comes with no ads or adverts to get in your way.

Customize Everything 
When it comes to the flexibility of the application, you will find that everything in the app can be customized to fit your preference. As you can see in the picture above, the map, aerial view of properties can be altered, by using the local feature. With this button, you will be able to change the specific buildings and facilities that the map displays. On the other hand, there is a filter option, which allows you to completely redefine your search parameters, in order to find a specific property, which will certainly fit your needs. On the other hand, you can also change the list of the properties, in order to sort them in a specific manner. You can sort them by price or distance.

Always-Available Menu
When it comes to it, you might want to consider switching your search options. On the other hand, you might want to think about looking for an agent. In order to do this, you will need to access the app’s menu. Thankfully, it is possible to access the menu at all times. The menu can always be opened, by using the small menu button in the upper corner. Be sure to check out this menu, as soon as you begin exploring the application. You will also be able to access your saved properties from this menu. If you wish to speak with the app’s developers, you will be able to do so from the menu.

When all is said and done, the App is a powerful property search app, which is definitely a top contender for the Common Floor App. Since it is free of ads, it is likely your best bet for finding properties, within the country of India.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Mobile Photography and Tips to Improve It

Admit it! You love it when the mobile pictures you share online gets plenty of likes and comments. It gives you a sense of happiness to see the image you took, getting a lot of attention. But with the limited filters and settings in photo editing applications like Instagram, expect your pictures to look exactly like other people's photos.
If you want to improve your pictures and make them stand out, here are few tips that you should follow:

Look At Your Subject in Different Perspective
Do not limit yourself on what your eyes are making you see. Look beyond the linear perspective and experiment on angles and foreground. There are various perceptive composition to help images look entirely different. The most common perspectives are the birds eye view and the worms eye. The former being taken in high vantage point while the latter, taken in a low point of view. There are also overlapped perspective where subjects from the foreground partially covers the background subject. This creates a sense of depth, which shows relative distance among the subjects. Playing with angles help your photos dynamic and pleasant to look at.

Know The Perfect Filter
Instagram filters create a retro-analog effect to you digital images. Usually, people use a trial and error process in choosing which filter to use but it is time consuming. You have to be familiar with filters. Here are few:
•Hefe: Slight vignette edge that improves contrast and saturation. Makes color pop in an already vibrant subject.
•Valencia: High retro effect that makes an eerie feel. It washes out and overexpose images to create antique look to the subject.
•Toaster: High saturation filter with burnt center emphasizing vignette edges. This is a dramatic filter that pushes the attention to the central part of the image.
•X Pro II: A very versatile filter that suits indoor and outdoor subject, whether portrait or landscape. It also make colors pop out to give a Photoshop effect.

Be Creative with Props
You should add spice to your subjects by adding props like flowers, boxes, shells and figurines. Subjects with props get more attention than the bare ones that is why shopping stores always adorn their window displays with props. Play and experiment with these materials to improve the composition of your images.

Mind the Light
Everyone knows that bad light ruins an image. That is why you have to know where best to photograph your subject. Here are few points to note:

•Indoors, open as much light as possible, but be aware of harsh shadows because it can ruin the composition. You can use reflectors to minimize shadows.
•Outdoors, you have to avoid too much light. It basks your frame into too much white light that might remove important contrasts.
•Camera phone lenses are prone to sun flares. Sun flares can ruin your photos, but you can use it to you advantage by experimenting with it.

Experiment With Lenses
Be more creative by adding clip-on lenses on your phone. It can be wide-angle, close-up or fisheye lens. Fisheye lens is an ultra wide lens that makes visual distortion to your photos. Wide angles are perfect for taking landscapes while close up lens is good in capturing details. With lenses you can create great depth-of-field that you can only achieve through professional cameras.

Try New Photo Editing Tools
If you cannot achieve your desired effect in Instagram, you can export your photos and open it in a different editing application before posting it in Instagram. There are many great photo applications for android and iOS phones. Here are few apps that you can try:

•Camera 360: An easy to use photo editing application that offers creative filters. Unlike Instagram, camera 360 has filters that gives more than the retro style. You can play with saturation, glow and soften filters. You can also improve the lighting of under or over exposed pictures.
•Camera Zoom FXP: This photo app makes your phone camera more powerful. Aside from helpful grids to compose your images properly, this app helps you take in stable-shot mode to avoid blurry images. It also has voice activated shooting mode.
•Pixler Express: This is a mobile version of the widely popular Photoshop alternative. It basically runs the same way as Instagram but it feature more interesting filters. It also has a very user friendly interface to easily navigate the application.

These are the few tips that you can do to improve your photos and make them stick out from the usual retro images you see online. Remember expressing creativity should never be limited to filters, you have to think outside the box to make every photos you share online, memorable.

Author's Bio:
Maddy is a global writer and blogger, she is currently writing for Millennials in Manila, a web magazine about life, career, culture, entertainment and more

Thunderbolt Firmware Update Headed Mac Users Way

Everyone knows how important it is to keep themselves in touch with every update that gets released, whether it be for their mobile or PC operating system. With the advancement of malware and spyware, it seems impossible to have a device which functions without causing issues unless one is properly updated and on top of the vulnerabilities that hackers and their virus brigade manage to get the best of.

And speaking of updates, Apple has come out with a recent update for Mac systems, which have ever so slowly been losing their status as super safe computer systems. Overall Apple has always managed to keep the security side of things tight (too tight according to some) but lately it’s Mac OS has been coming under fire for not being able to stand the test of hard drive extraction and usage. Though Mac users hardly complain of Mac spy software or other such standard issues, this particular liability has needed to be addressed and the update that will do so is finally here.

The firmware update is for the Thunderbolt controllers in Mac systems. The entire update is designed to deal with the issues popping up with individuals using Target Disk Mode to mount a Mac’s internal hard drive onto another system or external drive. This method is mostly used for trouble shooting the hard drive function or whenever users need to migrate their data to a new Mac system but it can also potentially leak your information if in the wrong hands. Anyone with physical access to your system and a root account can easily go through your emails and whatever else is stored. Of course this is a major threat to both user security and privacy.

This particular update isn’t a heavy one and is simply 1.22MB; it can be either downloaded through Apple’s Support Downloads website or then run manually or you can run the Software Update Service in OS X in the Apple menu. Despite its small size, this particular update comes with firmware updates for a number of systems with this port including the iMac, MacBook, and Mac Mini systems. So far there hasn’t been any word of any specific system requirements which are needed and hence one can assume that it would be applicable to anyone whose device sports a Thunderbolt port.

For users who are attempting to install this update, simply make sure that you are indeed following the onscreen instructions by Apple and there is no chance of disruption of your power supply. Updating firmware is actually a fragile process and if gone even slightly wrong, it can end up corrupting your system and leaving it useless. Of course Apple’s release is a part of advanced technology and this modern firmware updating method seems secure and safe from corruption over the last few years.

What the update does require is the OS X 10.8.3 and as with all updates and installations, you will need to restart your system for installation. Now having read up on this, go get your update ASAP, waiting around to update is never a smart idea.

Katherine Kayden is a writer for Stealthmate and loves to blog about latest trends in the tech world and further review them. She can be contacted @