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Monday, March 7, 2011

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Fix Mac Safari YouTube Black Screen Blank Players

A common issue with Mac computers and the Safari internet browser is that sometimes YouTube videos display incorrectly, just display a black screen, or display a black player.

Luckily, if YouTube videos aren’t working correctly for you, the solution is quite easy. These next two steps should get you on your way to watching videos again in no time.

1. Change Safari Settings

The easiest and most simple way to fix this YouTube error is to adjust some simple settings within Safari. Navigate the path Finder – Applications. Scroll down your applications list until you find the Safari icon. Right-click the Safari icon and choose Get Info from the context menu.
  Click the check box next to Open in 32-bit mode. Close and exit out of the Safari Info window.

Launch Safari and navigate Safari – Reset Safari – Reset to reset Safari. From here, YouTube videos should start working again and the blank player should be gone.

2. Uninstall and Reinstall Flash

If the above solution did not fix the YouTube problems, you should next try uninstalling and reinstalling Flash player. This is very easy to do.

Navigate to this webpage, select Macintosh and I want to uninstall Flash Player. After choosing your operating system, you will be prompted to download the Flash Player uninstall utility. Run the utility and uninstall Flash Player.

After Flash Player has been completely removed, head on over to Adobe and download and install the latest version of Flash Player.

After you have installed the latest version of Flash Player, navigate Finder – Applications – Utilities – Disk Utility. Select your hard drive from the list and Repair Disk Permissions.

Restart your computer and YouTube videos should be working.

Note: The two above steps will fix YouTube issues the majority of the time. If your YouTube is still not working, try using a different browser, such as Firefox. This way, you can check to see if YouTube works with your computer, but with a different browser. If it works with Firefox, go through your Safari Preferences and check for any incorrect settings.

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