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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

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Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

  •     Comment Posting- The most important and Working method.
  •     Guest Blogging – Believe me it can give you a lot of traffic.
  •     Dofollow Forums – It will not only increase your traffic but also PR.
  •     HubPages – Try this and you see the difference.
  •     Article Marketing – Ask from any Affiliate Marketer and he will tell you that article marketing is the best way to increase traffic.
  •     Squidoo Lens- Links from Squidoo are great and so the traffic.
  •     Email Marketing – Try this and you will see the difference.
  •     Facebook Fan Page – I wish i could create mine a bit earlier.
  •     Twitter- I personally got 2000 visits a day from twitter, so don’t ignore it.
  •     Youtube- Video Marketing is now very useful. It will boost your traffic.
  •     World Of Mouth- It works and really really works.
  •     Internal Linking- It not only increase your Page Preview but also ranking.
  •     Voting Communities – Like Blogengage, FaqPal and Bloggerden can also give you extra traffic.
  •     Link Your Blog to Your Social Profiles – The power of social website is much more then what you think. Add your link in your profile to get extra traffic.
  •     Business Cards – No matter if your blog is small, still you can create one and promote your blog through it.
  •     Round UP – New one but a working technique. You can also link other bloggers article in your blog. In this way your blog will get attention from those bloggers.
  •     Press Release – Do press release for your posts and attract more visitors.
  •     Directories – Although it is a old technique but still effective.
  •     Free Ebooks – If you can write a ebook, then write now because it can help in increasing your blog traffic.
  •     Participate in Events – There are blogging events and webinar where you can participate and show your presence.
  •     Offer Giveaways – It will help in making regular visitors.
  •     RSS FEED – Offer Rss Feed to your readers so that they can read your recent posts.
  •     SEO – Concentrate on this, because it is the only method that can stabilize your traffic.
  •     Host Contests – Host some contests on your blog.
  •     Advertise Every Where – On Google Adwords, Infolinks, News Papers, and Even on TV.


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