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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

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Get Google Plus Notifications/Updates On Mobile Phones

Google plus comes with a special feature by using this feature you could get all the notifications of your Google Plus profile in your mobile phone. Lets see how to enable this feature step by step.

1.  After Signing into your Google Plus click on the Gear button on top right side and then click on  Google+ settings as shown in preview.
2.  Now next under Google+ tab shown in left side, you will see Phone option in the right side and click on Add phone number then it will expand as shown in below and choose your Country and  mobile number and finally click on Send verification code and stay here.

3. Now you will get a verification code into your mobile phone and enter that code into verification code box(where you was stay in step 2) and click on Confirm.

Now you can get your all Google Plus notification to your mobile phone while you are not with your internet connection.


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