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Sunday, July 24, 2011

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How Torrents Work

Torrents actually it was developed  by Bram Cohen a python programmer.

Before the concept of torrents there is simple way of sharing information that everyone know a simple download. A client system will download files from a server. The major disadvantage of this technique is the bandwidth usage of server. Server load also increases enormously which affects server performance, especially if the size of the file is large.

Where as in these cases the concept of peer-to-peer network sharing  helps to share files easily without impacting the server. In Peer to Peer network, a group of PC’s are interconnected via a special software and they share files. In these interconnected PC’s every PC will act both as server and client.

In torrents a file is divided into a large number of individual segments. Each segment is identified by a unique ID. When anyone opens a torrent version of a particular file ( torrent file ). The software we are using ( utorrent, bittorrent etc ) will get information about list of peers downloading that particular file (Peers)  or which already have downloaded the file (Seeds). The application asks the peers about the available segments and this individual segments are downloaded from different peers. Instead of downloading whole file from the server, each segment is downloaded from a peer where that segment was already downloaded which helps in easy sharing of data without keeping burden on server.

What are seeds and Peers in torrents ?

In simple Peers are the systems( PC’s) that are downloading a file and seeds are systems(PC’s) which are making a file available.


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