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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

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How to secure your inbox from unwanted emails, spam ?

These days emails are so easy to send than post a letter to any one it's easy fast reliable and easy to manage but in this most advance age of  invention many other thing grow fast like spam, scam and un wanted in our inbox.
These unwanted emails spoil our time and just make disturbance. We always want to read and see only useful and related email. Now what we do to secure our inbox from all un necessary emails. For this purpose we have to secure our inbox by using guard which will not allow all unwanted emails and all emails which send from bots. For this purpose there are many paid and premium services but one of the best and free service for this purpose is BoxBe.
BoxBe is a very efficient client to manage all emails like this. There is nothing much difficult process to use this service you just need to register on BoxBe and verify your account which you want to secure than your inbox is completely safe now no unwanted emails and spam.
Enjoy your free safe guard.


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