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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

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Remove Real Time News Ticker and Get Back Old Top Blue Bar on Facebook [Chrome]

Recently Facebook has made few more changes to its design. Out of which two changes are annoying and are criticized by the users. These two changes are fixed top blue bar and real-time news ticker in the sidebar.

Real time news ticker shows the real-time updates of your friends in the sidebar. Whenever a friend of yours comments, like or uploads a new photo, a new update is shown in the news ticker. There is no official way to hide this new feature. However if you use Google chrome as your browser then you can turn these two features off.

(Here in this picture I changed my Facebook Theme Colors that is the reason it looks in different color, if you want to change yours see this article How to Change Facebook Theme Color.)

Unannoying Facebook is a Chrome extension that removes the news ticker from sidebar and also removes the fixed top blue bar.

Unannoying Facebook

If you just want to remove the news ticker from sidebar and want to keep the new top blue bar then you can install Facebook News Ticker Remover extension.

Facebook News Ticker Remover


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