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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

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SIRI Apple iPhone 4S New Feature

Siri – Heard a lot about it … ?? Not Yet, then let’s explain what it is and how it works. It came to news with the launch of Apple iPhone 4S.

Siri is a new and distinctive feature that is available on the iPhone 4S and its sure that it will become a new way to communicate with Apple Machines, i.e the iMachines.

About Siri

The best way to describe it is by calling it a HELPER , a kind of machine intelligence that helps us find things or simply to interact with the device. Philip W Schiller – a prominent figure in Apple’s public presentations called Siri as an “Intelligent Assistant”

The idea about this new feature isn’t new. For example, the same company Apple dreamed of this possibility in 1987  where they called it a Knowledge Navigator, but of-course at that time it was just concepts of future that may become possible someday.

Until now Apple had the Voice Control which can still be used if we keep the start button pressed for a few seconds on the iPhone. The controller responds to very specific predefined phrases. A similar example can be set from Google Android which is called Google Voice Action which performs predefined action set with various voice commands.

But this was not what Apple thought back in 1987. They imagined a machine which will be able to talk and take an almost human way of thinking through Artificial Intelligence. United States Army also thought of a similar concept and began experimenting for developing a Helper for voice-controlled soldiers. A project after its completion gave birth to Siri – a company investigating complex systems to interpret the language and even got to introduce an iPhone application that will surely have no doubt seen on video or you will have proven yourself.

And here we come today. Last year, Apple bought Siri with a clear idea of integrating this technology sooner or later in their devices. What Apple wanted was the algorithm which Siri uses to understand the users language and later accept it as a Command. The Apple guys finally got the algorithms and successfully integrated with their latest device – iPhone 4S.

According to a list made by Schiller, Siri can be described in the following aspects :

    Natural Language : We speak as if it were an ordinary person, with the same naturalness and spontaneity, without learning methods or expressions, it do not maintain an order to speak or obey certain requirements such as “Play Music” or anything like that , just say “I want to hear ABC” and Siri will. We don’t need to express every command in detail like for calling my girlfriend I’ll have to say “Call My Girlfriend” and not like the traditional way “Call XYZ”.

    Conversation : Siri is not unidirectional, it is a human talking to a machine but a two-way communication occurs, the system also tells us, asks, suggests, shows potential, tell us in what state is it in action we have ordered and respond to questions about their own purpose. In the demonstration conducted by Scott Forstall, he asked, “Who are you” and Siri replied “A humble personal assistant.” So now you can understand about its smartness.
    Context: As part of artificial intelligence to which we referred before, Siri uses the context to continue browsing.
    Native App Support : It works with native apps. Reminders, Maps, Safari, are among Apple’s own apps used by Siri to help the owner of the phone.
    Dictation : Of course, as part of the system, we can dictate to Siri to write for us, just press on the microphone icon which appears on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard to complete emails, messages, etc

Thanks to these multiple actions that we will ask Siri to make them for us. Consultation time, set alarms, add reminders, timers start. And with the integration of Wikipedia and WolframAlpha, the possibilities are even greater.

Its operation is quite simple and undoubtedly to use need you need to have a iPhone 4S first. The reason for this requirement is the ability of the system itself. It seems that Siri consumes high system resources but the new smartphone with dual-core processor and more RAM will surely meet these needs without a problem.

To enable single Siri you must press the start button for a few seconds, just in a similar way we do today for Voice Control option in iPhone. Then we will deploy the new icon down waiting for orders.

Presently it will accept only three languages English, French and German. I would have been jumping if it would have supported Hindi, Bengali or some other languages from India and other parts of the world. Still we shouldn’t dishearten as Schiller said the development was still in beta and new languages ​will be added ​as soon as possible.


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