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Friday, November 25, 2011

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Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich Features

  •  Instant Voice: This may not be as advanced as Apple’s Siri launched in the iphone 4S but the latest Android version will take less time in converting voice to text.
  •  Common API for Smartphones and Tablets: Google has combined the API’s for both tablets and smartphones in the latest version and this makes it easier for developers to create application that are free from hardware constraints. This will increase the number of applications and go a long way in making the Android store compete with Apple
  •  A new improved Camera: The latest Android has added new camera features which include a new user interface along with improved image editing features. The camera speeds have been improved along with the video recording capability. Various new photo effects have been provided.
  •  New Web Browser: Android ICS comes with a new version of Chrome mobile which gives you the ability to sync your bookmarks with the computer. Pages can be saved for offline viewing and you can open upto 16 tabs.
  •  Ability to take screenshots: Now you can use your Android phone to take screenshots without installing any third party applications. It has been inbuilt into the system. You need to hold down the volume key and the power button to take a screen capture.
  •  Improved Font System: A new font system has been introduced which is more attractive and pleasing than the previous versions. The new system is called Roboto and is specifically designed for high resolution screens and to make the interface look like a magazine.
  •  Android Beam: This new feature will allow two Android phones to exchange Web pages, contacts, applications and media securely and is based on the latest NFC (Near Field Communication) and NDEF Push technology.


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