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Monday, November 21, 2011

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How to Install Wordpress Plugin

There are two ways to install WordPress plugins on your blog:

  1. WordPress Dashboard
  2. FTP
 WordPress Dashboard Method:

Login to wordpress and goto dashboard then click on Plugins-Add new. If you are searching about any new plugin, you can click on details to see more information about that plugin. Make sure to see the compatibility score with your version of plugin. If you know about the plugin, simply click on Install and activate the plugin as shown in next image.

If the plugin is downloaded from other source you have to upload that .zip file. Wordpress accepts only zip format for plugins and themes upload.

FTP Method:

You simply download the Wp plugin from WordPress plugin library, unzip it and upload it to your WordPress plugin library using FTP software or cPanel. Normally, plugin upload folder us located under wp-content/plugins. Once you are done uploading the file in unzip format, you can simply go to WordPress plugins folder under Wp dashboard and activate the plugin. This is very useful for those who don’t have access to install plugins or themes from dashboard due to server restriction.Some time, after installing a plugin you might face issue while accessing your dashboard, in such cases you should simply log in to your FTP account and disable that plugin by either renaming it or deleting it. This happens, coz of some faulty of plugins conflicts.


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