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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How To Show Specific Friends/Peoples To Google Plus Profile Page

  1.  Sign into Google Plus and go to your Google Plus Profile Page.
  2.  See on the right side and click on Edit Profile. Now look at the left side bar on your circles area and click anywhere on the blank area of your circles area(OR look at the left side and click on Change who is visible here). Take a preview below,
    3.   When you clicked then you will see a new pop up window like the below preview,

        this is the default setting for showing your friends in your Google Plus Profile page.

 Show Random Friends of Selected Circles To Google Plus Profile Page:
    As shown in the above preview click on All circles as shown above preview and select the circles (automatically select the members of that circles) of which you want to show in your Google Plus Profile Page. You can select one or two or as many circles you want to select.

Show Friends of Particular/Specific Friends To Google Plus Profile Page:
    If you want to show particular/specific friends to your Google Plus Profile page then create a new circle and put your friends here and then choose this circle to show in your Google Plus Profile.

 Show Fix Friends/Peoples Forever To Google Plus Profile Page:
    If you want to show fix friends forever to your Google Plus Profile then choose your best 8 friends and move these to a new circle and then choose this circle to show in your Google Plus Profile.
4. Now what you selected in step 3 basically who can see it. As shown in the above preview "Who can see this?" choose "Anyone on the web" for publicly show your friends OR "Your circles" for your friends who have in your circles.
5. In the last(Have you in circles) section in the preview of Step 3, by default the people who have added you to circles will show publicly and if you don't wish to show them simply unchecked this option. Finally SAVE it!

Xbox 360 Disc read error

XBOX 360 Disc Read Error!! What happened to my XBOX
Some days ago I was playing a game on my Xbox 360 sudden the screen stood still about 10 minutes. I figured that I had no choice but to turn off the Xbox. But after restart my Xbox game does not work at and there I get a Xbox 360 disc read error. In this article I will discuss about disk read error. The Disc Read error is one of the most ambiguous errors. Disk read errors falls in two categories first one is disk related problems and second one is non-disc related.

What is Xbox 360 Disc read error ?

X box 360 disc Read error is a simple one. Simple meaning of this error is that Xbox can’t read this disc that you have placed in your Xbox. Mostly people think that this error has nothing to do with functionality of console rather hinges on the actual disc that has been placed into DVD tray.

Disc related error.

Most common reason of Xbox 360 disc read error related to disc itself. Like I am going to discuss following
·         Disc is scratched (normally CD’s and DVD’s became scratched easily so therefore it may cause of Xbox 360 disc read error.
·         Disc is dirty or dusty ( when sufficient dust or dirt build up on face of disk than it can stop laser beam to read the disk).
·         Disc is in incorrect region ( Some disc specified to only special regions ).

Can I fix this Xbox 360 degree disc road error.

In Xbox 360 repairing of the disc related issues are not perfectly possible. If we are facing just a cause of disc read error due to dust and dirt than can be easily cleaned and you can certainly clean your disc. If you face this problem due to extreme scratching than you have only one choice you have to replace your disc with new one. And if you face a problem of region or from another country than you have to obtain the correct region.

Non disc related error.

As I discussed above there about Xbox 360 disc read error there are also a type of non disc related error than you will have to troubleshoot your Xbox. For this purpose you have to follow some of following steps.
·         Simple restart your machine, this process will help you because it will clean all cache memory and try to play your disc.
·         Try to play disc in another disc player for this purpose use DVD player for instant check if other player will play this disc than you have to need to take out your drive and clean it properly.
·         Overheating  also can be cause of Xbox 360 disc read error for preventions of  this purpose  check all venting holes properly.
·         Disc drive tray can also be a cause of this error. To check this press on eject button and wait for disc tray if your disc eject partially than it’s issue in your disc drive.

How to secure your inbox from unwanted emails, spam ?

These days emails are so easy to send than post a letter to any one it's easy fast reliable and easy to manage but in this most advance age of  invention many other thing grow fast like spam, scam and un wanted in our inbox.
These unwanted emails spoil our time and just make disturbance. We always want to read and see only useful and related email. Now what we do to secure our inbox from all un necessary emails. For this purpose we have to secure our inbox by using guard which will not allow all unwanted emails and all emails which send from bots. For this purpose there are many paid and premium services but one of the best and free service for this purpose is BoxBe.
BoxBe is a very efficient client to manage all emails like this. There is nothing much difficult process to use this service you just need to register on BoxBe and verify your account which you want to secure than your inbox is completely safe now no unwanted emails and spam.
Enjoy your free safe guard.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

How To Enable Gmail Preview Pane

Provides a preview pane to read mail right next to your list of conversations, making mail reading faster and adding more context.
1. Sign-in into your Gmail account.
2. Goto Gmail Settings –> Click Labs section.
3. Search for Preview Pane.

4. Click on Enable radio button and hit Save Changes.

5. Once you’ve enabled it, there will be a new button on top of the email list which will enable you to activate the vertical split or horizontal split and switch between the full list view and the split view.

6. That’s it. The currently selected message will be displayed in full to the right or below the email list.