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Saturday, October 29, 2011

How To Create a Poll on Twitter

Facebook has an option to create a Poll but Twitter does not have, So  here is an option to Create a  Poll on Twitter using Pollowers.

Login to Pollowers with your Twitter account and create a Poll, That's it.

Hide Your Message Inside a Image

You want to encrypt and hide your personal files inside a photo, Lets see how it is?

Go to Myportablesoftware website download the portable app.

Once the download has completed, extract it.

A donation screen will appear, click on the skip donation button to launch the application.
 The application asks for a the file that you wish to hide, a JPEG image in which to hide the file, as well as a path were the new image will be outputted.

On the right hand side check the box to allow you to use a custom password to encrypt the file with, and type in a password.

Hit the large camouflage button to start hiding your files.

Now when you look at the file in explorer, you will see that it has a much bigger file size but the new file will still open like an ordinary image. The size that the file increases by will obviously vary depending on what you are hiding.

To get your file back, switch to the de-camouflage tab, select your picture, remember to check the box and input the same password you used to encrypt the file. If you use the wrong password your file will not be able to be decrypted, and you will get an error message like so.

However if you supply the right password, your files will be extracted to the directory that you specified.

Besides the obvious increase on file size there is no way that anyone would be able to tell that there was any hidden contents in the image.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Sync Your Android Phone with Computer

It is very easy and cool Android app. Forget about cables or cloud servers! Cheetah Sync a free Android app, will  sync Android files with a folder on your Mac or Windows computer wireless. Available for free from the Android App Market, just install it on your Android phone via a WIFI connection, and the app will email you download link for installing on your desktop. Then simply select a folder and press Sync!

How to Take a Screenshot on an Android Phone

Although taking a screenshot on an Apple iPhone is easy (simply simultaneously press the HOME and the POWER button), doing so on an Android phone is not. Some of the Android apps that take screenshots require you to root your phone. Those of us not willing to root your phones, are stuck with this rather cumbersome (but doable) procedure described  using the free Android app No Root Screenshot It.

Windows 8 Shortcut Keys

  •     To unlock the lock screen, double tap on your mouse or hit any key on the keyboard instead of dragging to the top.
  •     To bring up the “charms bar” (share, settings, shutdown, etc), hit the lower-left corner of the screen with the mouse – no clicking required or use winkey+c
  • In any app, right click to bring up the “app bar” to see everything you can do
  • To go back to the Start screen, simply use the Windows Key on your keyboard
  •     Bump your mouse against the left side of the screen to see a thumbnail of your most recently used app. Use the scroll wheel to see all open modern apps
  •     Modern apps don’t generally need to be closed — they are suspended when they’re not in view. If you really need to close them, use the task manager (via the tile or ctrl+shift+esc) to force quit
  •    To search for anything on your system like applications, setting, or files, simply start typing from the Start screen, and the search box will automatically pop up or use winkey+f
  •     Glance at your desktop by using Winkey+y
  •     Activate application settings charm by using winkey+i
  •     Project onto an external TV/monitor using winkey+p
  •     Use the page up and page down keys to move between tile groups on the Start Screen
  •     Bump your mouse to the left and grab an app, if you pull it towards the right and then bump it to the left it will cycle to the next app.
  •     Pin/unpin tiles or remove apps by right clicking on tiles on the Start Screen
  •     Activate Semantic Zoom in Metro apps by using Ctrl+ mouse scroll
  •     Switch the input language and keyboard layout with Winkey+Spacebar
  •     Show the desktop using Winkey+d
  •     Open the share charm with winkey+h
  •     Open the connect charm with winkey+k
  •     Lock your Windows 8 PC with winkey+l
  •     Lock screen rotation using winkey+o
  •     Cycle through apps using winkey+tab
  •     Switch between apps using alt+tab


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Enable Run Command on Window 7

By hitting Win + R on the keyboard we can access to Run Command which is the simplest way to do so. Otherwise, you can re-enable the run dialog by right-clicking on the Start Button, selecting Properties, and then clicking Customize on the ensuing dialog window.

You’ll be taken to the Customize Start Menu screen.
 Check the “Run command” check box in the list

That's it there is Run Command on Start Menu.

Friday, October 21, 2011

How to create Bulk of Folder using Text File

If you want to create a large number of folders in Windows it is simple.

The first thing you need to do is type a list of the folder names you want to create in a plain text document. You should put every new folder on a new line and if you want to create sub-folders just put a “\” after the parent folder and type the name of the sub-folder. Save the text document.

Now head over to the developers website, and grab yourself a free copy of Text 2 Folders application. Once the portable application has downloaded unzip the file and run it.

Click the Root Folder browse button, and browse for a folder that you want your folder structure to be created under. Now hit the second browse button and locate the text file we created earlier.
Click create folders and that’s all.

There the folder are created.

How to add Trash Icon to your Ubuntu Desktop

You can add Trash icon to the desktop lets see how to add Trash icon.

Type gconf-editor into the Alt+F2 run dialog to open the Gnome Configuration Editor

Now browse down to the following key: apps\nautilus\desktop

On the right hand side, you will see an entry called trash_icon_visible. Just check the box. You can also change the trash_icon_name if you’d like.
That's all.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

How to close a stucked program in Mac OS

If you stuck with application in Mac and not able to close the application? then how to do this in Mac Operating System follow the below steps.

  • Click on the Apple logo
  • Click Force Quit

  • Then you a window will open which shows list of runnings applications

  • Select the application which you want to close and click force quit.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

How to show My Computer icon on Windows8 Desktop

Windows8 comes with two GUI modes, the new interface which is pretty good and the old classical start menu GUI.  Since the people used to  access their computer from the desktop  I am providing a simple step so that you can get/see My Computer on desktop in windows8.

Click on Desktop as shown in the below figure:

 Click on Personalize option

Click  Change Desktop icons - Select My Computer

 Now, you will see My Computer on your desktop

Friday, October 14, 2011

Listen Free Hindi Music, Bollywood Songs Online

Want to listen to free  Hindi bollywood songs online? Which are the best sites to listen free Hindi music online. There are many sites which stream hindi music online in high quality, but here are our best picks for Hindi music lovers online.

Google Music India

Other notable mentions and popular music sites you might like are Dishant, Raaga, and Let us know your favorite Hindi music sites in comments.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

SIRI Apple iPhone 4S New Feature

Siri – Heard a lot about it … ?? Not Yet, then let’s explain what it is and how it works. It came to news with the launch of Apple iPhone 4S.

Siri is a new and distinctive feature that is available on the iPhone 4S and its sure that it will become a new way to communicate with Apple Machines, i.e the iMachines.

About Siri

The best way to describe it is by calling it a HELPER , a kind of machine intelligence that helps us find things or simply to interact with the device. Philip W Schiller – a prominent figure in Apple’s public presentations called Siri as an “Intelligent Assistant”

The idea about this new feature isn’t new. For example, the same company Apple dreamed of this possibility in 1987  where they called it a Knowledge Navigator, but of-course at that time it was just concepts of future that may become possible someday.

Until now Apple had the Voice Control which can still be used if we keep the start button pressed for a few seconds on the iPhone. The controller responds to very specific predefined phrases. A similar example can be set from Google Android which is called Google Voice Action which performs predefined action set with various voice commands.

But this was not what Apple thought back in 1987. They imagined a machine which will be able to talk and take an almost human way of thinking through Artificial Intelligence. United States Army also thought of a similar concept and began experimenting for developing a Helper for voice-controlled soldiers. A project after its completion gave birth to Siri – a company investigating complex systems to interpret the language and even got to introduce an iPhone application that will surely have no doubt seen on video or you will have proven yourself.

And here we come today. Last year, Apple bought Siri with a clear idea of integrating this technology sooner or later in their devices. What Apple wanted was the algorithm which Siri uses to understand the users language and later accept it as a Command. The Apple guys finally got the algorithms and successfully integrated with their latest device – iPhone 4S.

According to a list made by Schiller, Siri can be described in the following aspects :

    Natural Language : We speak as if it were an ordinary person, with the same naturalness and spontaneity, without learning methods or expressions, it do not maintain an order to speak or obey certain requirements such as “Play Music” or anything like that , just say “I want to hear ABC” and Siri will. We don’t need to express every command in detail like for calling my girlfriend I’ll have to say “Call My Girlfriend” and not like the traditional way “Call XYZ”.

    Conversation : Siri is not unidirectional, it is a human talking to a machine but a two-way communication occurs, the system also tells us, asks, suggests, shows potential, tell us in what state is it in action we have ordered and respond to questions about their own purpose. In the demonstration conducted by Scott Forstall, he asked, “Who are you” and Siri replied “A humble personal assistant.” So now you can understand about its smartness.
    Context: As part of artificial intelligence to which we referred before, Siri uses the context to continue browsing.
    Native App Support : It works with native apps. Reminders, Maps, Safari, are among Apple’s own apps used by Siri to help the owner of the phone.
    Dictation : Of course, as part of the system, we can dictate to Siri to write for us, just press on the microphone icon which appears on the iPhone’s virtual keyboard to complete emails, messages, etc

Thanks to these multiple actions that we will ask Siri to make them for us. Consultation time, set alarms, add reminders, timers start. And with the integration of Wikipedia and WolframAlpha, the possibilities are even greater.

Its operation is quite simple and undoubtedly to use need you need to have a iPhone 4S first. The reason for this requirement is the ability of the system itself. It seems that Siri consumes high system resources but the new smartphone with dual-core processor and more RAM will surely meet these needs without a problem.

To enable single Siri you must press the start button for a few seconds, just in a similar way we do today for Voice Control option in iPhone. Then we will deploy the new icon down waiting for orders.

Presently it will accept only three languages English, French and German. I would have been jumping if it would have supported Hindi, Bengali or some other languages from India and other parts of the world. Still we shouldn’t dishearten as Schiller said the development was still in beta and new languages ​will be added ​as soon as possible.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Send Email anonymously

There are several emailing services that allow you to send emails without exposing your identity. Yes, you don’t need to enter your email address or name to send such messages nor you can be traced by your IP address. Sending anonymous emails doesn’t let you bother and allows you to send emails carefree. Let us see the email service that allow you to do so.

One of the site that allows you to send Email without your identity is  

Tweet using Gmail

Now you can tweet using your Gmail account and you don’t need to open Twitter in a separate window. TwitterGadget is such an application that has enabled all the basic features that you generally use in Twitter. If you want to enable the Twitter app in your Gmail account, you need to follow these simple steps.

  •  Login to Gmail.
  • Go to Mail Settings—Labs.
  • Enable ‘Add any Gadget by Url’ and Click Save.
  •  Then your Gmail will restart again automatically.
  •  After it opens, go to Mail Settings—Gadgets.
  •  Enter the url in the ‘Add a gadget by its url’ bar  and click Add
  • Thus you’re almost done. Now you can see the Twitter Gadget app displaying in your Gmail sidebar..

Login with your Twitter credentials and start tweeting!

Play Crossword Puzzle and Tic Tac Toe in MS Word 2010

How many of you love playing Crossword Puzzle in your daily newspapers? Well I do love racking my brains with this game. Do you know Crossword Puzzle can also be played in your MS Word 2010? Surprised huh! Yes, Crossword Puzzle can also be played within your MS Word 2010 with a very simple process.

  1.     Open MS Word 2010.
  2.     Go to File --New.
  3.     In the Search bar beside Templates, type Crossword Puzzle and hit Enter.
  4.    Click on Download on the next page



I hope everyone knows about this popular game which is played with pencil and paper or on the slate. Now this can be played in your Ms Word 2010 too.

  1.     Open MS Word 2010.
  2.     Go to File—New.
  3.     In the Search bar beside Templates, type Tic Tac Toe and hit Enter.
  4.     Select the format your need, then Download.

Start playing now!
Hope you liked both the hidden features of MS Word 2010. Do share your feedback what you think of them!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Remove Real Time News Ticker and Get Back Old Top Blue Bar on Facebook [Chrome]

Recently Facebook has made few more changes to its design. Out of which two changes are annoying and are criticized by the users. These two changes are fixed top blue bar and real-time news ticker in the sidebar.

Real time news ticker shows the real-time updates of your friends in the sidebar. Whenever a friend of yours comments, like or uploads a new photo, a new update is shown in the news ticker. There is no official way to hide this new feature. However if you use Google chrome as your browser then you can turn these two features off.

(Here in this picture I changed my Facebook Theme Colors that is the reason it looks in different color, if you want to change yours see this article How to Change Facebook Theme Color.)

Unannoying Facebook is a Chrome extension that removes the news ticker from sidebar and also removes the fixed top blue bar.

Unannoying Facebook

If you just want to remove the news ticker from sidebar and want to keep the new top blue bar then you can install Facebook News Ticker Remover extension.

Facebook News Ticker Remover

Tweeting from Facebook

We could now update our Twitter account from Facebook.
All you need to do is, login to your Facebook account –> and then link both your accounts.

But this feature is only available for Facebook pages, and works only if the particular update is set for public view. If the privacy of the post is been controlled, then it wont be updated on twitter.

I hope all the Facebook page owner will enjoy this..!!

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum

uRex DVD Ripper Platinum is a DVD ripping software which will help you to rip the DVD movies to audio or video files. DVD can be ripped to the most popular video and audio formats and to all popular devices with high speed and easy and rich video editing features.
DVD movies can be converted to .avi, .mov, .mp4, .mwv, .mpeg, .3gp, .mpg, .flv etcc.. or playback on iPod, iPad, iPhone, Apple TV, Google Android, PSP, PS3, Xbox and other phones. Also the DVD can be converted into popular audio formats like .mp3, .aac, .mka, .aiff, .flac etc.. Besides this, DVDs can be converted into HD videos too. Users can also customize the settings their own way.

This is an easy to use DVD converter with high quality engines in-built and multi-core CPU processing and is supported by NVIDIA CUDA & AMD APP technology.
Full version of this uRex DVD Ripper Platinum Serial Key, originally costing $34.95 is available for free till 30th September 2011. To know more about uRex DVD Ripper, check the website of uRexsoft and get the license from its promo page.

Note:  The giveaway licenses have lifetime validity but with no updates. And if you all try to update, reinstall the program, format or replace the hard drive or reinstall the whole system, you will lose the code.