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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

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How to stop a sent mail after hitting the send button in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most commonly used mail service by every internet user. It's is common that every human makes mistake but sending an email with mistakes might may lead to problem sometimes.So, Gmail has a feature that we can undo a sent mail.

By mistake or unintentionally we send an email we can undo it in Gmail and the email will be saved in drafts and can be corrected and resend it again.

Lets see how to Undo a sent mail:
  • Log in to your Gmail account and go to mail settings.

  • Now go to 'Labs' section in setting menu.

  • Now make a search for"Undo send" extension in labs. There comes cool Gmail beta plugin which helps you to undo a sent mail.
  • Enable the "Undo Send" and save your mail settings and refresh your page.
  • Test it by sending an test mail to anyone and now you will find a small Undo option besides it to get that email back, click that Undo and your email will back to draft for future use.


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