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Sunday, March 18, 2012

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How to use Problem Steps Recorder(PSR) in Windows 7

Problem Steps Recorder is the feature in Windows 7 which records the mouse clicks and keyboard inputs with screenshots and saves as HTML file. By using this application you can demonstrate or record any technical issue you are facing in your PC. Suppose your friend is having some problem with his PC, and it is not possible to you to go there and solver the problem then using this PSR application in your PC you can clearly record the steps needed to solve the problem and save it as HTML file and send it to your friend through email. So that your friend can get a clarity to fix the problem.

Let's see how to use Problem Steps Recorder(PSR):

Generally this PSR application is not visible in start menu. To open this go to Run and then type psr.exe or psr then the application will open.

This PSR app records every mouse click and key strokes. So to use this click on Start Record (Alt + A) button. Then perform an action which illustrates your problems easily. Try to avoid unnecessary clicks because it will make finally a larger file, longer and complicated. When you have done all the steps click on Stop Recording (Alt + O). It will ask you to save your .zip file, give any name and choose where to save.
The .zip file contains a single .mhtml file which is written in XML.
You can share this file with various forums or with friends to give the solution or to get the solution.



That's it enjoy.


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