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Sunday, March 18, 2012

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Protect your Wordpress Blog from hackers

Increase your blog security by changing the Wordpress admin username from the default "admin" to some other name. "Admin" is the default administrator for most of the Wordpress blogs so if you change it then it will be very difficult to crack your blog by hackers.

Lets see how to change the Wordpress Admin Username:

  • First Log in to your WordPress blog with your admin id
  • Go to Users on the left of the dashboard
  • Then Click Add New
  • Enter a new username and new email address
  • Fill in the other details including the password
  • Check the Send password if you want to receive a copy of the new user’s password via the email
  • Under Role, choose Administrator (very important  don’t skip this step)
  • Click Add New User
  • Log out of WordPress and log back in as the new user
  • Then Click Delete under the old admin username
  • When asked what you want to do with existing posts that were authored by the original admin, select Attribute all posts and links to and choose your new admin user from the list
  • Click Confirm Deletion when you are sure your selections are correct.  Do not forget to do this step until you are sure you have chosen to transfer all of the first admin’s posts to the new admin
That's it from now onwards your new admin will appear as the author of your blog posts.


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