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Thursday, April 26, 2012

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Buy and Sell your stuff by watching the video Goes Live With a Video Marketplace To Buy and Sell Used Products Via Video Listings

Do you have unwanted things lying around your house?  Do you have old products you want to sell to make some extra cash?  Are you tired of looking at just photos when you go online shopping?  Now you can actually buy and sell used products with video listings instead of just plain simple photos.  This is the idea behind the new website, a new site that offers users the ability to post video adverts of their products.

Leon Nguyen, the founder of explained the concept behind the site.

“It’s quite a simple idea really. I am a firm believer that when we get to watch videos of products' listings, especially a second hand products, the easier it is for us to make a solid decision.  There are people today who use videos to sell stuff on Facebook, used cars websites, YouTube,  Vimeo, and Pinterest but there's no central place for users to just search and look for used products with video listings.  That is where we come in to  make it easier for people to watch and buy used products with more confidence."

Selling on 123exchanges is very easy.  Users can sign up via Facebook or Twitter and upload the videos of the products that they wish to sell. In this way any potential buyer is able to see the entire product at all angles.  It provides a much better understanding of the condition of the product.

“If you're searching for a used cars,” Leon told us, “You now can watch video car listings without leaving the comfort of your home.  Once you see the video of the car you like, then you can head out to the seller and ask for a test drive.”

The use of videos on the site will help reduce the number of trips to meet with different sellers.  Traveling can be very time costly and fuel prices are going up very fast.  Sitting at home and watch video listings before you head out to meet with the seller can save you great amount of time and money. 
So how actually work? It’s very simple. If you have a used products such as cars, motorcycles, electronics, furniture, or appliances just upload a quality videos of the products and start selling.  You can just sell locally like Craigslist or you sell globally with a premium account and collect payment via PayPal. 


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