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Saturday, April 28, 2012

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How to Determine the Best Laptop for You

Laptops are quickly becoming the most widely selling computers. They can range from very small and compact to the larger variety, which are excellent replacements for desktop systems. While there are so many different types of laptops available out there, determining the best one for you is a very personal thing. There are numerous factors that come into play when you are shopping for a new laptop computer and you will have to think about them before making a purchase.

While price is often a huge factor in what a person will buy, this should not be a primary one. The first thing you should consider is the laptop’s processor and memory. Think about what you will need a new laptop for and what exactly your intentions are in using it. Is gaming your primary purpose for getting the new computer? Or are you simply in the market for a new laptop because you want to browse the Internet? Perhaps you need the computer to use various office programs such as word processing and spreadsheets. If you plan on doing anything that requires extensive graphics performance, you should look for a laptop that has an excellent video and graphics card as well as a fast processor and plenty of RAM. However, if you just want to perform the most basic tasks, you can consider a laptop that has the minimal amount of memory with a smaller processor.

Hard drive space is also of utmost importance. Obviously, if you are planning on creating and saving many files, you will want a larger hard drive. If your intention is to download tons of music and video directly to your laptop’s internal hard drive as opposed to an external one, you should opt for one with a bigger capacity. If you are simply using a laptop for work and for saving a few documents, you can select one with a smaller hard drive. Currently, you can buy a laptop with anywhere from 320GB to 750GB of storage space.

The operating system of your laptop is also very important. You can opt for a Microsoft Windows laptop or an Apple Mac laptop if you prefer that platform. You may even lean more toward an older Windows operating system if you are not fond of Windows 7 as there are still Windows XP and Vista machines being sold by some vendors. These will likely be less expensive as well.

If you plan on using your new laptop on the go, you will want to consider its battery life. You will not always have the option of plugging in the adapter, depending on where you are, so look for a battery that lasts at least a good eight hours. Another important aspect of a laptop you will be toting with you often is the size and weight. There are many smaller, thinner and lighter machines available that are a joy to carry around as they will not weigh you down.

Keeping your eyes open for all of the most important specifications will ensure you will find the best laptop for you. Once you have determined all of these factors, you can research various brands and models that fit your needs as well as your budget.

This is Guest Post by Sharon Dyer
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Sharon Dyer is a writer and the Director of Content for the Morgan Law Firm, an Austin, Texas divorce firm. Please visit the Morgan Law Firm Blog for additional content.


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