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Saturday, April 7, 2012

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How to Receive Email as Text Message on Your Phone

Especially MailBliss is more useful for people who want to receive updates about the new emails and don't have access to either WiFi or 3G network. Using this service they receive their mails as SMS. Of course this service not familiar for people who are using smartphones. And also the service is not limited to US only its works on some other countries too. If you want to communicate via text messaging but don't want to share your phone number, a MailBliss account will allow you receive text messages while keeping your phone number hidden.

The sign-up process also very simple, just in 3 steps.
1. choose your new email address
2. Enter your phone details
3. start using your new email address

After finishing the above 3 steps you will need to fill a little form to manage your email address. You will need your MailBliss email address and the password you created in the last step to login to manage your emails.

That's it enjoying receiving emails to your mobile free of cost.


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