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Thursday, May 24, 2012

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Benefits of Mobile Monitoring on Android Phones

Nowadays, millions of people all over the world use cell phones on daily basis not only for communication but also for socializing and amusement purposes. This means, now people no longer keep cell phones only for calling and texting, but they prefer such gadgets even for surfing, chatting, capturing videos, and playing games. One of the most famous smartphones that people use is certainly Android on which camera, apps, music player, and Internet are some of the most used utilities.

With so many tools to use on Android, the risk of misuse and security threats also increases! Therefore, it is essential to monitor your Android smartphone, as safety is a matter of top priority when it is the matter of technology. It keeps an eye on all calls, messages, mails, sites browsed, chats, videos, and pictures so that you can know what is happening on the phone. Listed are the benefits of doing so with the help of the mobile monitoring technology on the Android phones of your unreliable kids, spouse, or employee.  

Secret Spying 

Although you might not be a detective, but you can now become one with secret mobile monitoring. Yes! This technology on Android works in a stealth mode so that the user of the phone never gets an intimation of such spying. Even the most tech-savvy user will not come to know about this secret work. This is the main benefit of mobile monitoring that enables you to check the so-called private phone activities of your kid, employee, and spouse. Know what secrets are leaked by your employee through an SMS, view what porn content is your husband viewing, and know what type of threatening calls your kid is receiving  without leaving them any clue of your actions

Defeat all threats

There are many mobile monitoring apps that not only reveal what is happening but also allow you to block threatening calls, abusing SMSs, adult MMSs, suspected e-mails, and virus-rich downloads in real time by accessing the live screen of the phone from a remote location. This is very much necessary when it comes to monitoring your kid’s Android phone. Usually, kids and teens are often prone to such risks as they have unlimited access to information via messages, chats, and Internet. Even an employee can misuse the phone given by you to reveal the business secrets, such as tender quotations by accessing Internet. However, by controlling this access, the mobile monitoring technology on Android phones ensures the safety as well as privacy of kids as well as your business.

Find out Lost or Stolen Phones

It is a fact that nowadays smartphones get stolen quickly if proper attention is not paid. Moreover, kids and teens often have the habit of misplacing their phones. However, with a mobile monitoring technology that features GPS tracking, you can locate a lost or stolen Android phone. In addition, you can also find out the whereabouts of the phone user if she/he is missing.

Remember, your Android phone is a beneficial investment, provided you carefully monitor it and keep all threats and misuses at bay.

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