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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

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The Must Read Digital Marketing Books For Small Businesses

Today’s savvy business owner realizes the importance of using a digital marketing strategy to gain new customers. Making the right choices about where to spend marketing dollars and how to efficiently utilize current methods, however, can be a confusing issue. The time spent reading a digital marketing book will help answer many of the questions related to establishing an optimum business strategy. These top five book suggestions consistently rank on the current must-read list.

Beginning Reference Books for Digital Marketing

1. eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing – Rob Stokes

This textbook provides an excellent guide to help organize a basic marketing strategy by applying a variety of digital sources. Chapters can be downloaded individually and cover various segments of digital marketing techniques. Each section is clearly defined and provides a beginning method for evaluating, organizing and implementing an effective digital marketing campaign.

2. Meatball Sundae – Seth Goden

Combining existing marketing techniques with newer, digital methods such as blogs, social networks and search engine optimization methods is the basis for this informative and straightforward guide. The author emphasizes the need to have a coordinated marketing plan that fits the company goals and profile. This is a fun book to read written by an entertaining author, who keeps a current blog of his new digital marketing ideas.

Helpful Books that Emphasize New Ideas

3. Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

This book strives to encourage anyone with a new business idea to use digital marketing techniques to generate income. The author emphasizes the need to be passionate about the overall goals of the business and to be intimately involved with promoting the cause by finding sponsors and applying current marketing strategies such as social media networks and advertising blogs.

4. Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation - Damian Ryan, Calvin Jones.

The varied backgrounds and expertise provided by the authors form a solid basis for any business owner or department manager seeking advice on digital marketing methods. Fundamental information is outlined and the reader is encouraged to develop a plan that suits their specific goals; a helpful guide for strategic planning.

Books that Cover Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques

5. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts – Jerry Wind, Vijay Mahajan

Full of information for the business owner looking at international prospects, this book provides detailed resources and factual examples from a global perspective. Contributions from educators at some of the top business schools in the U.S. provide solid advice on digital marketing strategies. Techniques used by major corporations are also included in the text.

As a new business owner increases their knowledge of basic digital marketing techniques, they may choose to expand the strategy to include several methods. The knowledge gained from reading about shared experiences may save significant time and reduce expense. Digital marketing is an ever changing field that warrants a fresh look periodically. New books on the subject will continue to appear and provide helpful suggestions for both new and long-standing business owners.

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