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Thursday, May 17, 2012

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Using A Server Rack To Increase Security

Physical security is an important component of any network infrastructure equipment since it limits the number of people who can access the equipment and also protect them from various forms of physical damage. Among the network equipment which requires physical security of a high calibre are serves which if damaged or tampered with can result to inconveniences. The servers' security can be enhanced by applying diverse components and methods. One of the ideal methods of securing the servers is putting them in a rack.

Server Rack is commonly used with computer servers, networking servers and video servers among others. The racks usually come in different sizes, shapes and designs depending on the size of the particular server. They are also made using different materials such as metal and wood among others. In most cases they are sold as metal racks, but people who prefers to make them on their own usually uses wood which is cheaper and more convenient especially to people who are not professional carpenters. However the wooden racks are more prone to being broken into since most types of wood are not as strong as various types of metal. Hence if the rack is meant to provide security and limit the people who can access the server, then a metal rack can serve the purpose better than a wooden rack.

Some of the racks for servers are endowed with various features which make them more efficient in achieving their purpose. Among the features include removable shelves which make it possible to resize the entire rack depending on the size of the server. This means that the shelves can be removed to create more space for a bigger server. There are other types of racks that are endowed with basic lumber such as plywood and construction lumber which protects the server from damage which might be caused by water, termites and warping amongst others.

A rack should be able to uphold high levels of security especially if they are used to hold sensitive and important servers which can cause a lot of damage if tampered with. This makes it paramount for a lockable rack to have secure lock systems which can not be easily compromised by intruders. One of the ideal security moves is using tamper proof screw rather than using the screws provided by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the room or space where the rack and the server are located should have a deadbolt and latch guard with the keys kept by specific personnel so as to ensure that only the designated people can have access to the servers.

Customer can acquire a ready made rack for their servers from various stores which sell technological oriented equipments. To get the appropriate rack stores, customers can check on the yellow pages, the local news papers and the internet advertisements among others. Some of the internet traders who sell racks provide transport and delivery to the customers' locations. However these sales do not provide the customers with opportunities to test the rack and to ensure that it is of the right size. Thus with keen selection customers can get the appropriate racks for their servers.

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