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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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10 Most Viral and Funniest YouTube Challenges that any user faces on the Web

One of the best methods of successful online marketing is known as viral marketing. As the name suggests, the marketing campaign generates a virus like effect, reaching out to the greatest number of people possible. Within a matter of seconds, thousands of people are aware of you promotion.  There are several forms of viral marketing.

For example, everyone has heard of viral emails. A flood of emails is send to random contacts which have specifics about a product or service. That was one great way of business promotion. However, now is the time of viral video marketing. The leading platform for this form of product promotion is everyone’s favorite, YouTube. 

Literally everyone who has ever used the internet knows about YouTube. It is virtually an unrestricted video portal where anyone can upload whatever they like. It can be videos made privately using a web camera, or professional works and even movies. However, with time, YouTube has extended its scope to marketing as well. 

It is no longer just a video streaming site. People can advertise their business or even other websites on YouTube for free. All they need to do is to make an account. With over millions of visitors every day, this is perhaps the greatest method of online business promotions. Think about it. You create a video, and uploaded for free on a website that is visited by millions of people from around the world! The language barrier can also be overcome. 

Moreover, YouTube can even be accessed on your mobile phone. You just have to check on mobile broad band connectivity.  Smart phones have video streaming features, provided there is good internet connectivity available.  You can call your local service provider to check on mobile broad band connectivity to help you enjoy viral videos on your phone! 

These factors will definitely result in increased sales for your business. Additionally, viral marketing on YouTube also takes care of search engine optimization, since the site is a preferred favorite on popular search engines like Yahoo and Google.  Some people have really made a name for themselves by using the very same method of viral marketing.

In this article, we will mention some of the funniest videos that went viral on YouTube. Learn some tips for flooding the internet with your own creativity! A not fixed criterion was followed when this list was compiled. The number of hits per video is obviously the major factor here, but the content, and its popularity also plays a key role in the selection of a particular video. 

Another major factor is the continuity of the fame of a particular video, i.e. for how the long video remained popular among fans. Without further ado, here is another list of some of the funniest viral videos on the internet. In the end, you will see the list if the 10 most viral and funniest challenges on YouTube.

Some of the Most Viral and Funny Videos on YouTube

  •       Taiwanese Singer Does a Whitney Number
Talent videos are some of the most popular videos on YouTube. Most of them include videos related to music and dance. In this video, Lin Yu Chun from Taiwan does the cover of Whitney Houston’s “I will always love you”, generating 3.5 million views in just three days! This is one great idea for viral videos, find kids with talent!

  •          An Old Couple Learns to Use the Webcam
One of the most hilarious videos on YouTube, “Webcam 101 for Seniors” got 9.2 millions views last year! Watch how the old couple does some of the most humorous things as they give their first shot on the webcam! You will be forced to watch it again and again.

  •          Achmed the Dead Terrorist
Offensive? Yes. Controversial? Most assuredly. Yet this standup comedy is the 7th most viewed video on YouTube as of 2011! With over 100 million views, this video shows stand-up comedian and master ventriloquist Jeff Dunham “chatting” with a skeleton puppet named Achmed. Watch and enjoy!

  •      The Evolution of Dance
Another stand-up classic, Judson Laipply humorous interpretation on the evolution of dance is another video that went viral, with more 168 millions views!

 About the author:
The above article is composed and edited by Shannen Doherty. She likes to writes articles related to: YouTube, Smartphone, Internet Technology because YouTube is now become very popular. YouTube can even be accessed on your mobile phone just only you just have to check on mobile broadband connectivity. She also writes articles related to broadband deals, technology, mobile applications, etc.


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