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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

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What are the Different Types of Mobile Phone Screens?

There are many things worth considering when purchasing a new smart phone, or mobile phone of any kind, but there is typically one aspect that people tend to not think about when purchasing one: the type of screen used in the mobile phone. With video watching on the rise with mobile phones, the quality of the screen has become much more important- as the user wants to have a high-quality screen that provides a sharp picture that can be nearly as good as the home computer or their television. It sounds like a lot to ask from a smart phone, but as technology gets bigger and better, so does the mobile phone manufacturer’s ability to live up to the task of providing the best screen available on the market, which will meet and exceed the demands of the consumer. There are various types of screens to choose from, and they all have their benefits and disadvantages. Here are some of the most common mobile phone screens currently on the market:

This is one of the most common mobile phone displays. It is just like an LCD screen, but with a filter (TFT) that makes the picture even clearer than it would be otherwise. It offers much higher image resolution than previous LCD displays for mobile phones. The downsides are that it does not perform well under sunlight, or other types of direct light, and it has a narrow viewing angle. Larger TFT LCD screens also tend to suck battery power very quickly.

This is similar to TFT, but a higher quality viewing experience, and it tends to be on more expensive phones. This is the display that is most commonly used in later versions of the iPhone.

Super LCD (SLCD)
This is the upgraded LCD type, with brighter colors that look more natural, as well as the ability to perform well in sunlight.

This is the next step up from LCD displays, and offers better picture quality in every category. It has wider viewing angles, better response time and high-definition colors in their natural tones. The display is also a lighter weight than LCD ones.

There is essentially no difference (in terms of display attributes) between AMOLED and OLED.

Super AMOLED was developed by Samsung, and has the same attributes as OLED and AMOLED, except it is the thinnest and most lightweight display on the market.

Gorilla Glass
Gorilla Glass is not a type of mobile display screen, but it is rather a new type of glass designed specifically for use in mobile phone screens. It is very strong.

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