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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

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What To Expect With iOS 6

It has recently been announced that the new iOS 6 from Apple will soon come to fruition. As most tech geeks and fans out there already now, Apple has consistently been a game changer, and the expectations are pretty high for the new iOS 6 system. In essence, it is expected to be the most technologically advanced operation system of its kind to date, which is saying a lot. It will be even more interesting to see what comes from the new iOS 6 when considering the death of Steve Jobs, who is largely considered the mastermind behind Apple’s dominance in the marketplace. On top of that, Apple is infamously hush hush about their new technologies, which makes it even more intriguing to see what they are going to pull out of their hat with this one. 

But, that has not stopped many people from making assumptions about what Apple has to offer. Likely, most of these will be included in the new Apple iOS 6, and even more likely, there will be some features that no one expected. The only thing you can bank on for sure, is that when it comes to Apple and their OS, always expect the unexpected.

iOS 6 possibility #1. More Facebook integration
Now that Facebook is a publicly traded company, most people assume that it will only get bigger and better- although, that is far from conclusive and very open to debate. But, it would make sense that Apple would further integrate their iOS 6 system into Facebook, which would encourage more cross-over work, and in the end, more user friendliness for the consumer (who is very likely to use Facebook on a daily, if not hourly, basis.) Rumors from current Apple CEO, Tim Cook, seem to hint that this will be the case. What specific type of integrations are not known, but like I said earlier, expect the unexpected from Apple.

iOS 6 possibility #2. 3D Maps
Indeed, we are entering a world in which 3D technology will seemingly be everywhere- from the living room to the movie theater. Thus, it makes sense that Apple would get on board- especially before anyone would beat them to it. Google Maps has already been there and done that, but expect Apple to up the ante with much more comprehensive 3D maps, and more interactive for the user as well.

iOS possibility #3. Here comes Siri
The mobile app, Siri, has already caught the world by storm, and is only getting more and more popular. So, in order to capitalize on this, Apple is expected to bring the Siri app to iPad for the first time. There are some security issues with the Siri app, but expect Apple to sidestep those issues, and to bring Siri to life on iPads all across the country with the new operating system.

Guest Post by Amanda is a tech fanatic. She frequently writes about tech related products, her most recently article Desk Away.


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