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Thursday, September 27, 2012

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Nintendo Wii U: The Newest Gaming System

Video games have been played at least since the 1970s and new gaming systems are continually evolving that claim to be superior in some respects to the older ones. Nintendo, one of the biggest names in the field, has just announced its newest gaming system in years—the Wii U, which will also be its best by far: The release  date is  November 18 2012.

The GamePad

One of the novel features of Nintendo Wii U is its 6.2-inch gaming pad, which “brings a whole new second screen to the gaming experience.” The players will now have a new way to interact with their games and with each other. Let us say two players are playing on the same large screen, each with his pad. The two pads will show completely different things and the players may even have different goals.

The GamePad will be more than just a gaming device. It will also serve as a TV remote and will come equipped with a Nintendo TV feature that will enable the owner to record his favorite TV shows, stream videos online and engage in “video chats.” In short, the “traditional barriers” that have long separated the player from his games and his TV set—and the latter two from each other—have now been eliminated thanks to this highly innovative device.

The two versions of the console

Two versions of the Nintendo Wii U will be available—the white Basic make, with 8 gigabytes, and the black Deluxe make, with 32 bytes. Both versions will feature a pair of button controls and analog sticks, motion control, a camera that faces forward, “rumble” features, stereo speakers, a microphone and a stylus, in addition to Near Field Communication support. They will run on lithium ion batteries.

Ways to play

The Wii U will also be capable of being played in several different ways. It can be held either vertically or horizontally and the touch pad can be used to control the play on the TV screen, either with the fingers or with the stylus mentioned above. With a set of remote controllers, up to five people will be able to play at a time. The GamePad, as mentioned above, will give the player “another perspective on gameplay.” Of if you choose to do so you can play with the GamePad alone.

A variety of games will be available that can be played on the new console. These will include Land, Ninja Garden 3: Razor’s Edge, LEGO City: Undercover, Wii Fit U, Bayonetta 2, New Super Mario Brothers U, Pikmin 3 and SiNG Party.

The GamePad will come with a number of accessories, which will include:
  •  a charger
  •  an AC adaptor for both the console and the GamePad
  •  a high-speed HDMI cable
  •  a sensor bar

The black Deluxe model will have three additional components—more memory, a charging console and stands for both that and the GamePad itself. It will also include something called Nintendo Land, which will help you to understand “how Nintendo changes gaming.”

 Nintendo TVii

“The most different initiative Nintendo has ever introduced”—that is what the TVii is called on an hour-long video that discusses all the elements of the Wii U. You can use this device to locate your favorite TV shows, movies and sports events and watch them on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon. This truly is an innovation. Never before has there been such a simple and easy way of combining playing video games and watching TV into a single gadget.

Nintendo has had a long history of innovation. Even if you already own the Wii, you should get this novelty gaming device. The whole family will want to use it! The Wii U will be the beginning of a whole new chapter in the history of both video games and TV. It will also make the perfect gift that you can give to your loved one for Christmas. 

Author Bio
Katelyn Roberts is a frequent contributor for NetQin, a company dedicated to keeping users safe on all varieties of systems.


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