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Friday, November 23, 2012

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Best Android tablet Finance Apps for Your Business

Android tablets have now become a major part in everyday life. Several Android Apps have been developed for various fields, including business. These applications have made work even simpler. These apps are not only for your entertainment and leisure but some are greatly helpful. Finance is essential in your day to day life and hence Android has come up with various business apps which are easy to use and are tremendously helpful.

Some Apps are listed below:-
Real estate droid:
Interested in real estate or want to be a part of real estate, the wait is over as the real estate droid is here. You can search for properties and house hunt from your own home on your tablet. This app enables you to know about the properties put up for sale in and around your surrounding areas. This allows you to get the details and simplifies your search.

Financisto :
This is a personal open source finance manager. It helps the user to have a complete guide to their financial expenses. This App has the efficiency to control and keep tabs on multiple accounts in multiple currencies. It conducts transfers and it can also split the transactions. It is very effective in filtering and revising budgets.

Karl’s Mortgage Calculator:
Here is an app to take care of your mortgage finance. This app gives you a detailed structure of your mortgage. It is a simple app and can be used easily, simplifying complex calculations. It gives you a detailed account of your fixed data loan, payment loan, extra payments data, Interests data and ARM data.

All your credits can be paid online by using PayPal. This app acts as your digital wallet. This also keeps a tab on your bank credits and can be used to order or pay anything online as most websites accept this method of payment. You can use it as you normally use your PayPal account. This makes it easier to order online and more secure.

Mint .com Personal Finance:
This app helps you to categorise and organise your finances. It creates budgets and organises your finances. It splits the transactions. It gives you an overview and takes care of all your finances.
There are other apps which are useful for business finances. Apps like payday loans UK helps to calculate your payday loan repayment. These apps simplify the calculations and give you the appropriate amount. It is advisable for you to insure your android gadget, if you cannot afford your payment then payday loans can provide you with the funds to do so. Prominent apps have made their mark and have helped in making things easier.

There are many more business apps available depending on your needs, so choose appropriately and we hope this has helped you in choosing the right business app for you.

Author Bio:
My name is Claudia. I am a tech writer from UK. I am into Finance presently doing reasearch on ppi claims. Catch me  @financeport


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