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Friday, December 14, 2012

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What are your great thoughts about Nexus gadget and Android 4.2

Nexus smart-phones are easily distinguished for their special features. Literally, the continuous add-ons in the features can easily foretell the truth of the future of the Android phones. The Nexus phones were the first to tell us about great 720p large display that introduced to us the virtual keys instead of physical buttons and a new interface as well. The Nexus has gone through repeated developments in a faster way and although from outside, the phones look similar, the inside has always kept changing with new features.
The Gorilla Glass is really good looking
Let’s begin from the impressive glass of the phone. The one-piece gorilla glass on the front of this phone is a magnificent and a clean piece of glass that lends a grand look to all the Nexus phones. Undoubtedly the case of the phone comes with a great finish. Especially the series of dots underneath the glass that produces random light making the phone look great aesthetically.
New cute size with other features
The phone is 9.1 mm in size that fits greatly in the palm, being the slimmest phone in the world. The soft plastic running around the border of it is lovely. Watching complete HD 720P videos can give you unthinkable thrills. Although it is a bit disappointing that the Micro SD card holder is absent in this, the 8 GB and 16 GB memory can accommodate top-end games and HD movies with still a lot of space to make use of it.
Android 4.2-another feather in the cap of Nexus phones
There are amazing developments in the Android 4.2-the new phone by Nexus. Especially, the camera app is so wonderful that you can just tap with the new simpler interface that can permit you to change options by moving finger on the list of options. The new gesture keyword can act like Swype enabling you to make use of WI-FI, air-plane mode, GPS and lock screen, which is re-designated. The multitude of options takes a little more time to learn but really exciting.
Battery-Really amazing
Android 4.2 makes use of the kind of battery to suit the load for various complex operations in a day. It may be checking e-mail or browsing through Twitter and Facebook, the battery can last for the necessity of an entire day. Be it the needs of watching YouTube videos or frequent logging in and out of various websites, the battery can help the demands of the necessities of an average day.
8 Mega-pixel Camera-Wow!!!
Android 4.2 has the fantastic 8 mega-pixel camera to help with wonderful image capturing. The capacity is superb with1080P video that captures images with a LED flash. There is a vast improvement from the earlier Galaxy Nexus version. This is a great camera in its own right that can match with most of the top-end smart phones. Capable of capturing images in nice details, it can sweep your feet off the floor as you see them in print and warm up the cockles of your near and dear ones as you upload and send them to view. The quality of resolutions of the picture is really amazing.
Android 4.2- not the ultimate in Nexus gadgets
Surely, there will be newer phones in the future. But Android 4.2 is undoubtedly the master piece in the range of Nexus phones.
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