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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Most Important Directories in Unix File System

Operating System will work based on files, there may be the executable files or configuration files. Here in this post you can find the most important directories of Unix OS.

The below list shows you the main UNIX Directories and the file type of each directory.
/usr. This is the main location of binaries for both user and administrative purposes.

/usr/bin. This directory contains user binaries.

/usr/local. This directory is used for locally installed software that is typically separate from the OS. The binaries are typically stored in /usr/local/bin.

/usr/sbin. Binaries that are required for system administration purposes are stored here. This directory is not typically on a normal user’s path. On some versions of UNIX, some of the system binaries are stored in /sbin.

/usr/ucb. For non-BSD systems, this directory contains binaries that originated in BSD.

/usr/include. User header files are stored here. Header files used by the kernel are stored in /usr/include/sys.

/usr/share. This directory contains architecture-dependent files including ASCII help files. The UNIX manual pages are typically stored in /usr/share/man.

/usr/src. The UNIX kernel source code was once held in this directory although this hasn’t been the case for a long time, Linux excepted.

/usr/lib. Dynamic and shared libraries are stored here.

/bin. Has been a symlink to /usr/bin for quite some time.

/dev. All of the accessible device files are stored here.

/etc. Holds configuration files and binaries which may need to be run before other filesystems are mounted. This includes many start-up scripts and configuration files which are needed when the system bootstraps.

/var/preserve. This directory is used by the vi and ex editors for storing backup files.

/var/tmp. Used for user temporary files.

/var. System log files are stored here. Many of the log files are stored in/var/log.

/var/adm. UNIX accounting files and system log-in files are stored here.

/var/spool. This directory is used for UNIX commands that provide spooling services such as uucp, printing, and the cron command.

/tmp. This directory is used for temporary files. Files residing in this directory will not necessarily be there after the next reboot.

/home. User home directories are typically stored here. This may be /usr/home on some systems. Older versions of UNIX and BSD often store user home directories under /u.

/opt. Used for optional packages and binaries. Third-party software vendors store their packages in this directory.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Top 6 Social Websites for Movie Fans

If you love movies, here are the top sites that helps you to connect with film fans from all  over the world. These sites include complete information about the film like movie ratings, release dates, starring, about director, casting info, etc. So these are the top 6 sites rated by film fans check it out once.

IMDB-Internet Movie Database Link

iCheckMovies Link

GetGlue Link

Mubi Link LINK

Letterboxd Link

How to stop a sent mail after hitting the send button in Gmail

Gmail is one of the most commonly used mail service by every internet user. It's is common that every human makes mistake but sending an email with mistakes might may lead to problem sometimes.So, Gmail has a feature that we can undo a sent mail.

By mistake or unintentionally we send an email we can undo it in Gmail and the email will be saved in drafts and can be corrected and resend it again.

Lets see how to Undo a sent mail:
  • Log in to your Gmail account and go to mail settings.

  • Now go to 'Labs' section in setting menu.

  • Now make a search for"Undo send" extension in labs. There comes cool Gmail beta plugin which helps you to undo a sent mail.
  • Enable the "Undo Send" and save your mail settings and refresh your page.
  • Test it by sending an test mail to anyone and now you will find a small Undo option besides it to get that email back, click that Undo and your email will back to draft for future use.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

How to chat/type in your regional language

Here i am writing an article about how to chat in simplest possible method to write in your regional language like Hindi, Marathi, Telugu etc, while chatting with your friends or colleagues. Here it is Google Transliteration IME, by using this you can chat with other people in your own regional language. We can type using our roman English keyboard and the thing is you should know the proper pronunciation of the word you want to write.

Google Transliteration IME is currently available for 22 different languages - Amharic, Marathi, Nepali, Arabic, Bengali, Farsi (Persian), Greek, Kannada, Malayalam, Oriya, Punjabi, Russian, Sanskrit, Gujarati, Hebrew, Hindi, Serbian, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, Tigrinya and Urdu.

Steps to integrate Google Transliteration IME:

  • Open Google Transliteration IME  and select the language from drop-down menu and also the radio button 32bit or 64bit according your windows version.

  • Download and install the software

  • After installation you will see the language selection bar on your takbar.
  •  Select your regional language and now you can type in your regional language anywhere e.g Facebook, email etc.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Create Word Clouds using Wordle

Wordle was created by me, Jonathan Feinberg. Wordle is a website which generates "Word clouds" using text that you provide. Wordle depends on the fantastic jQuery Javascript library. You can style your clouds with different layouts, fonts, color schemes. You can use the images you create with Wordle as your wish you like. You can print them out or save them to the Wordle gallery to share with your friends or in social networking sites, etc...
Here is the link to create your own Word Clounds: Create your own Wordle
Below are the some examples which i have created using Wordle:

How to see your Adsense account summary with single click

By using this toolbar you can see the real-time information about your Adsense earnings.

It shows the following account overview like this
  • Top 5 URL channels
  • Your account earnings summary
  • Top 5 custom channels
  • Life time revenue.
  • Summary of each ad unit's earnings

Let's see how to install Adsense Publisher Toolbar in your browser:
  • Then open the Adsense Publisher toolbar by clicking on the icon which on top right side in you browser.
  • Click Allow to grant the AdSense Publisher Toolbar access to your account.
  • Sign in to you Adsense account and click Grant access.
  • To implement the overlays on your site ad units visit your site, click on the toolbar icon and grant permissions.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

How to type Colorful letters on Facebook Chat

Friends here is an interesting tip, you can chat with colorful letters on your Facebook by using the below codes. For example here i used to type "Bluesqare Tips" then the output will be like the below image by using the codes.

[[107015582669715]] = A
[[116067591741123]] = B
[[115602405121532]] = C
[[112542438763744]] = D
[[115430438474268]] = E
[[109225112442557]] = F
[[111532845537326]] = G
[[111356865552629]] = H
[[109294689102123]] = I
[[126362660720793]] = J
[[116651741681944]] = K
[[115807951764667]] = L
[[106596672714242]] = M
[[108634132504932]] = N
[[116564658357124]] = O
[[111669128857397]] = P
[[107061805996548]] = Q
[[106699962703083]] = R
[[115927268419031]] = S
[[112669162092780]] = T
[[108983579135532]] = U
[[107023745999320]] = V
[[106678406038354]] = W
[[116740548336581]] = X
[[112416755444217]] = Y
[[165724910215]]  = Z

Note: Do add space after each code 
Example: [[116067591741123]](space)[[115807951764667]](space)[[108983579135532]](space) [[115430438474268]]