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Monday, May 28, 2012

Best Deals on Printers and Its Accessories

It is necessary to have printer for all computer based business in this computerized world. Now- a-days, suppliers for printers and its accessories are available at online market places where you can get best quality at best value. Printer is a thing to investment for one-time but its accessories such as printer ink, toner, cartridges need to refill or change after some days of regular uses. As you need to observe that maintenance of printer is quite expensive when you are going to purchase them from general stores.

For business or computer center printer is demanded but it also demanded by students. They need print outs for their project so it is easy to do anytime from home. To get discount printer and accessories, just browse internet and you will see number of website provide you the best deals on it. Brand names like HP, Dell, Canon, Epson, Lexmark, and Brother are also offers the best deals and discounts which are available on products through their online shops. These printer’s accessories are best in performance and quality also. These online stores are becoming popular these days because of their low priced and also money back guarantee.

Inkjet Printer and Laser Toner Cartridges are different printer types and they are become most accepted recently. Inkjet Printers are most favored for business needs because of its low maintenance cost and high outputs. Laser Toner Cartridge has completely changed with the option of re-use and refill. Toner is powder used in laser printers and photocopiers to produce best quality text and photos or images on the paper. These printers are available for a wide range in online market at discounted price. The reputed website also provides free shipping offers to attract their customers and they also process your order within 24 hours. Grab this all benefits and make your purchase affordable by buying online. 

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Jessica contributes coupons in and gives the money saving tips on most of the products. Make sure you use ComboInk Coupon Code and get best deals on printer cartridges and computer accessories. 

Friday, May 25, 2012

Almost 5 Million Copies of Samsung Galaxy Note Sold Worldwide

The world of science and technology is developing really fast and various kinds of devices are also being created keeping the advancements in mind. When mobile phones were created, they were considered as surprising things and now technology has reached new levels with the different kinds of Smartphones and tablets. Samsung is a world renowned company that manufactures various kinds of electronic goods for the consumers. Apart from consumer goods for the common people, the company also offers dedicated services to the business world and businessmen with the various hi-tech devices like the tablets and the Smartphones.

Talks and discussions about Samsung Galaxy Note
There were different kinds of apprehensions that worked for the Samsung Galaxy Note. Majority of the people did not have the idea that the device would become such a huge hit and sell about 5 million copies worldwide. The size and the dimensions of the Samsung Galaxy Note are quite large and therefore many think that it is not very suitable as a phone. In fact the Galaxy Note is the largest Smartphone in the market. Many people are calling the device as ‘phablet’ – combination of phone and tablet. The most amazing thing is that even the company had not predicted such a huge market for the Smartphone. It is estimated that by the end of 2012, the Samsung Galaxy Note will have sold 10 million copies for sure or even more if not less.
Specifications and features of Samsung Galaxy Note
The gorgeous Smartphone comes with a 1.4 Exynos dual-core processor and has Android 2.3 Gingerbread operating system and key applications. An up gradation to Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is expected in the device very soon. Along with these, the device has a Super AMOLED display of 5.2 inches. The storage capacity of the device is 16GB and you can carry almost all your required things in it without any problems. The 8 megapixel rear camera helps in taking excellent pictures with great resolutions. Store as much music as you want on the device and enjoy the things while on the move. The “S” shaped stylus pen is another interesting thing in the Samsung Galaxy Note. The shape of the stylus helps in easy writing and puts pressure on the right spots so that tying becomes easier.
Comparison with Smartphones of other brands in this category
It is true that Samsung is not the only company that has manufactured different kinds of Smartphones. There are many companies that have come up with similar products with a little difference in the feature list or the settings. In spite of other devices and Smartphones, Samsung Galaxy Note has carved a niche for itself and the selling of 5 million copies of the device stand as evidence of the fact. The only negative that has emerged about the Note is its size. Thought it looks a little odd on seeing people using it as a phone, yet people are appreciating the device and purchasing it as well on global basis.

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Amiee is a freelancer and she has written many topics on computers,gadgets, social networks, blogging tips, etc and Technology.

Why You Should be Aware of Surroundings while Listening to Music using an Android App

Technology has made such unbelievable advancements in the last few years that one is left overwhelmed. While technology has certainly played its part in making our lives easier, it is because of the prevalent use of technology that crime rate has escalated across the globe. 

Technology was supposed to facilitate areas like tracking the whereabouts of criminals and it does achieve it to some extent. However, in general, technology has done more to increase the crime than to solve it. Computers with internet are a staple in every single household and with the virtually endless list of internet providers offering the best deals at rock-bottom prices, mankind is at a higher risk than ever before.

 In present day and age, cell phones have easily transformed from a luxury into a necessity. Cell phones are not a revolutionary breakthrough; they have also facilitated the criminals by reducing the communication gap to a few seconds. Gone are the days when criminals needed a conference room. Now criminals plot and execute their plans with minimal hassle, thanks to all the convenience established by cell phones.

Android phones are the most recent rage taking the world by storm. From remarkable apps to a brilliant interface, in a little time these exceptional gadgets have garnered a reputation that will not wane anytime soon. As the size of the Android marketplace continues to grow, consumers get the chance to enjoy more state-of-the-art apps. Android market has a seemingly endless list of apps when it comes to music.

It comes as no surprise when you read in the newspaper about a hit and run where the victim was unable to hear the continuous honks because of earphones. It is an increasing trend throughout the world to have those earphones plugged in as soon as you step out of the door. They do help you to shut off all the menacing noise in your surroundings but there are times when one needs to be aware of the commotion around him to avoid any catastrophe.

With all those fancy music accessories coupling android phones, individuals are not showing any inclination towards quitting this habit that has often resulted in grave injuries and sometimes even death. There have been cases where criminals hide in the dark and narrow alleys and pathways to mug people. 

In light of all such incidents, the circumstances necessitate the development of an app that help people to stay alert and alarm them about anything unusual in their surroundings. To cater to this need, android has introduced the spectacular app with the name Around Sound. For those who wish to enjoy their favorite songs while not losing track of any unusual sound in the surrounding, this app is indeed the most viable option.
Taking convenience a step ahead, Around Sound stands a good chance of striking the chord with android users despite the availability of a plethora of  music apps that are available today.

We have all been in dangerous situation because of our habit of listening to music on the street. With around sound, one can reduce the risk significantly. This app brings to life the notion of letting your phone listen to your surrounding while all you do is enjoy music.
Wondering how it works? It is quite simple. All you have to do is to install the app and it will use the headset microphone to intercept any noise in your surroundings. When the app feels there is something relevant you should listen to, it instantly stops the music. 
What further sweetens the deal is that this app will replay the sound that triggered it to pause the music. After it replays the sound, it can optionally replay the music for you.
Around sound promises that you never fail to reply to someone who is trying to get your attention. It is an ideal app to use at home because you will never again miss hearing your child crying, a dog barking, a slamming door or any other alarming signs. This app has a simple interface and with all the features that this app has to offer, it is certainly going to be the best thing that will happen to an android user.

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The above article is composed and edited by Shannen Doherty. She is a technical content writer. She is associated with many technology communities including Broadband Expert as their freelance writer and adviser. In her free time she writes articles related to: internet, dish network packages, internet providers, technology mobile broadband, etc.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Benefits of Mobile Monitoring on Android Phones

Nowadays, millions of people all over the world use cell phones on daily basis not only for communication but also for socializing and amusement purposes. This means, now people no longer keep cell phones only for calling and texting, but they prefer such gadgets even for surfing, chatting, capturing videos, and playing games. One of the most famous smartphones that people use is certainly Android on which camera, apps, music player, and Internet are some of the most used utilities.

With so many tools to use on Android, the risk of misuse and security threats also increases! Therefore, it is essential to monitor your Android smartphone, as safety is a matter of top priority when it is the matter of technology. It keeps an eye on all calls, messages, mails, sites browsed, chats, videos, and pictures so that you can know what is happening on the phone. Listed are the benefits of doing so with the help of the mobile monitoring technology on the Android phones of your unreliable kids, spouse, or employee.  

Secret Spying 

Although you might not be a detective, but you can now become one with secret mobile monitoring. Yes! This technology on Android works in a stealth mode so that the user of the phone never gets an intimation of such spying. Even the most tech-savvy user will not come to know about this secret work. This is the main benefit of mobile monitoring that enables you to check the so-called private phone activities of your kid, employee, and spouse. Know what secrets are leaked by your employee through an SMS, view what porn content is your husband viewing, and know what type of threatening calls your kid is receiving  without leaving them any clue of your actions

Defeat all threats

There are many mobile monitoring apps that not only reveal what is happening but also allow you to block threatening calls, abusing SMSs, adult MMSs, suspected e-mails, and virus-rich downloads in real time by accessing the live screen of the phone from a remote location. This is very much necessary when it comes to monitoring your kid’s Android phone. Usually, kids and teens are often prone to such risks as they have unlimited access to information via messages, chats, and Internet. Even an employee can misuse the phone given by you to reveal the business secrets, such as tender quotations by accessing Internet. However, by controlling this access, the mobile monitoring technology on Android phones ensures the safety as well as privacy of kids as well as your business.

Find out Lost or Stolen Phones

It is a fact that nowadays smartphones get stolen quickly if proper attention is not paid. Moreover, kids and teens often have the habit of misplacing their phones. However, with a mobile monitoring technology that features GPS tracking, you can locate a lost or stolen Android phone. In addition, you can also find out the whereabouts of the phone user if she/he is missing.

Remember, your Android phone is a beneficial investment, provided you carefully monitor it and keep all threats and misuses at bay.

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Anna, mobile technology freak
More about her on view Cell phone surveillance.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Building A Computer Network

When you are looking to build new computer networks there are things that you must look out for and there are electrical supplies that you must have. Some of the things you will need are:

The first step you will undertake is designing the whole network so that you may have an idea of what you will need and how you will go about the process. This process includes the design estimate of what will be needed in terms of the voltage that will be needed, the voltage losses, a protection line in the event that a short circuit occurs, the supply mains that will be used must be checked that they will not overheat and if they will, more are installed or they are changed. The design process will also involve calculating and choosing the protective cut-out devices (PCDs) that will be used, current time characteristics of those protective devices, the earthing system calculation and the labour involved and the amount of time that the work will take.

Then there is the wiring stage where you will need to implement the design you have come up with. It is important to use quality materials and to use certified personnel for this part of the job so that your network system can last for long and you will not have your equipment and computers damaged by sub standard work which can prove to be very costly. You may also think about putting a standby generator or power supply so that when there is a power outage or power is interrupted, your machines are still running and you have a constant uninterrupted power supply. This is especially best for industries that are crucial such as medical facilities, emergency facilities and other similar operations.

If you are want to network all the computers in your home or in a small business setting then you can use power line networking as it is cheap since it uses the electrical wiring that already exists. You may also opt to use wireless routers if you are a small outfit. If you are doing a simple connection in your home, you can do the networking by yourself without getting a professional to do it. It is simple and as long as you follow the instructions, you will be able to do it. Put the router in a central room and then plug it in and turn it on. If you are connecting a shared internet connection then connect the Ethernet cord into the internet port on the modem and then to the computer, the associate lights should go on.

Put on your computer and then run the operating system's network configuration program depending on the system that you are using. Follow the instructions on the installation wizard and you will be able to network all computers so that you can share internet access, files and the printer. If you are looking to install for a large network then you ay need the services of a professional to do it correctly.

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Mark Barry works as a Link Build Manager, SEO Agency specialising in all areas of Search Marketing including; E-Commerce SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Pay Per Click & Social Media Marketing

An Overview of Cables and Their Uses

Computer networking has come a long way over the years. There have been many developments in this particular area. Computer networking is a very technical field and requires sufficient knowledge to ensure that a network operates optimal efficiency. There are many ways of building computer networks and key among them is by using networking cables.

Computer network cabling can be achieved using a wide range of cable types; from fibre optic to coaxial cabling. Today fibre is one of the most preferred ways of doing cabling more so for the backbone infrastructure. The backbone infrastructure is what is responsible for delivering the service from the provider to the user. Fibre optic cable has immense bandwidth capacity; up to Gigabit speeds.

Internet users are becoming more demanding in terms of data consumption. From video conferencing needs to heavy downloads; the need for efficient computer network design has never been more vital. Apart from the speeds that fibre optic cabling presents, it is also preferred due to the fact that signal attenuation is significantly low in comparison to other cable types. What this means is that a signal sent through fibre optic will travel for a very long distance before it needs to be regenerated.

Fibre transmits signals in form of light; this means that as opposed to other cabling methods which use copper wire, fibre optic uses cylindrical glass or plastic fibres. The signal enters the cable in one end in the form of light and is internally reflected all the way to the opposite end. This form of transmission causes no heating on the cable itself. This means that the cable will last for longer because there is not heat damage. One disadvantage of fibre however is the fact that it is quite costly both to manufacture and install.

Coaxial cabling makes use of copper as the media of transmission. The coaxial cable connects to a device via a BNC connector. As far as computer networks go, this is quite an archaic method of cabling. This is mostly due to the fact that it presents the issue of 'noise' in a network. The noise could come in the form of crosstalk, inter-modulation among others. This is a very undesirable problem for any network.

Unshielded twisted pair, commonly referred to as UTP is also another type of cable used in networking. This cable connects to the device via the RJ connector. The most common connector is referred to as the RJ-45 which is used in Local Area Network connections. UTP cabling is prone to electrical interference which may in turn affect the quality of the signal. The transmission speeds are however quite good.

There is also the Shielded Twisted Pair or simply STP which is quite affordable but still experiences problems in areas of high interference. The choice of network cable is determined by the type of network being created and also the size. Different cabling will have different ranges within which they can operate with maximum efficiency. It is important to consider this when performing the cabling.

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Using A Server Rack To Increase Security

Physical security is an important component of any network infrastructure equipment since it limits the number of people who can access the equipment and also protect them from various forms of physical damage. Among the network equipment which requires physical security of a high calibre are serves which if damaged or tampered with can result to inconveniences. The servers' security can be enhanced by applying diverse components and methods. One of the ideal methods of securing the servers is putting them in a rack.

Server Rack is commonly used with computer servers, networking servers and video servers among others. The racks usually come in different sizes, shapes and designs depending on the size of the particular server. They are also made using different materials such as metal and wood among others. In most cases they are sold as metal racks, but people who prefers to make them on their own usually uses wood which is cheaper and more convenient especially to people who are not professional carpenters. However the wooden racks are more prone to being broken into since most types of wood are not as strong as various types of metal. Hence if the rack is meant to provide security and limit the people who can access the server, then a metal rack can serve the purpose better than a wooden rack.

Some of the racks for servers are endowed with various features which make them more efficient in achieving their purpose. Among the features include removable shelves which make it possible to resize the entire rack depending on the size of the server. This means that the shelves can be removed to create more space for a bigger server. There are other types of racks that are endowed with basic lumber such as plywood and construction lumber which protects the server from damage which might be caused by water, termites and warping amongst others.

A rack should be able to uphold high levels of security especially if they are used to hold sensitive and important servers which can cause a lot of damage if tampered with. This makes it paramount for a lockable rack to have secure lock systems which can not be easily compromised by intruders. One of the ideal security moves is using tamper proof screw rather than using the screws provided by the manufacturer. Furthermore, the room or space where the rack and the server are located should have a deadbolt and latch guard with the keys kept by specific personnel so as to ensure that only the designated people can have access to the servers.

Customer can acquire a ready made rack for their servers from various stores which sell technological oriented equipments. To get the appropriate rack stores, customers can check on the yellow pages, the local news papers and the internet advertisements among others. Some of the internet traders who sell racks provide transport and delivery to the customers' locations. However these sales do not provide the customers with opportunities to test the rack and to ensure that it is of the right size. Thus with keen selection customers can get the appropriate racks for their servers.

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Mark Barry works as a Link Build Manager, SEO Agency specialising in all areas of Search Marketing including; E-Commerce SEO, Conversion Rate Optimisation, Pay Per Click & Social Media Marketing

Cloud Apps That Can Make You Better Web Design Professional

Cloud computing has virtually revolutionized the way people transact their businesses. Internet usage is taking a trend that is totally different from the one many people have known it. Web designers and Internet users are finally making their work a lot easier through cloud computing. Cloud Apps and Services have made it possible for business operators to access their files at distant places from their offices. Website developers and designers are also able to come up with quality work within a very short time.

Nevertheless, for a web design professional to come up with quality website they need to be conversant with certain apps. These cloud apps can make you a better web design professional. Among the famous apps being used today are the following:

• iPlotz: This application enables a web design professional to create navigable, clickable mockups and also wireframes for a prototyping application or website. They let you add pages of a wireframe, create projects and even share your creations or discuss them with others. This application can improve your work as a web design professional  by providing you the possibility of sharing with others what you have designed, get feedback and be able to improve as well as gaining popularity on the way. You also get ideas from other professionals on how to improve your projects or build new ones.

• Colors scheme designer: This is an application that enables you to generate different color schemes for your project. Each color scheme has a single base color. This is supplemented with other colors enabling it to give an excellent optical impression. With this app, you can design any color scheme for your project. A web design professional can use this app to come up with attractive websites by using the right color combinations.

• Kodingen: This app is basically the cloud IDE used by many web design professionals. It is used in editing Perl, PHP, Ruby, Python and django. A web design professional is able to accomplish this from their browser. With this application you can accomplish different tasks from any location.

• MockFlow: Using this application web designers are able to design and collaborate on different mockups for user interfaces for websites and software applications. This makes it possible for a professional to be more efficient in his work and even come up with easy to use websites and software.

• Kuler: Kuler is a web-hosted app used in generating different color themes. These are very important in inspiring a project. Regardless of what a web design professional is creating, kuler makes it possible to experiment. You can browse different color themes on kuler.

• Forrst: This app links the designer to a community of professionals who are passionate about their work. These are determined to achieve better designs and also help others.

• OpenID: This app makes it possible for web design professionals to login to different websites in a faster, safe and easy manner. This implies that even when one cannot recall their passwords, they can still login to a website.

• Codeanywhere: This is an app that makes it possible for to code from wherever they are. You just need to login using a smartphone or computer and you will be able to gain access to anything that you want from your files, servers, and all that you need to be efficient.

The list of cloud apps that can make you better web design professional is quite long. All you need is to know how to chose the right ones for your work and use them in the best manner possible to deliver quality and efficient services to your clients. 

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Biljana is a technology writer, researching the world of web design and promotion, to deliver news and best deals on apps, gadgets  and online service offers available like the cloud server providers' latest.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

The Must Read Digital Marketing Books For Small Businesses

Today’s savvy business owner realizes the importance of using a digital marketing strategy to gain new customers. Making the right choices about where to spend marketing dollars and how to efficiently utilize current methods, however, can be a confusing issue. The time spent reading a digital marketing book will help answer many of the questions related to establishing an optimum business strategy. These top five book suggestions consistently rank on the current must-read list.

Beginning Reference Books for Digital Marketing

1. eMarketing: The Essential Guide to Digital Marketing – Rob Stokes

This textbook provides an excellent guide to help organize a basic marketing strategy by applying a variety of digital sources. Chapters can be downloaded individually and cover various segments of digital marketing techniques. Each section is clearly defined and provides a beginning method for evaluating, organizing and implementing an effective digital marketing campaign.

2. Meatball Sundae – Seth Goden

Combining existing marketing techniques with newer, digital methods such as blogs, social networks and search engine optimization methods is the basis for this informative and straightforward guide. The author emphasizes the need to have a coordinated marketing plan that fits the company goals and profile. This is a fun book to read written by an entertaining author, who keeps a current blog of his new digital marketing ideas.

Helpful Books that Emphasize New Ideas

3. Crush It – Gary Vaynerchuk

This book strives to encourage anyone with a new business idea to use digital marketing techniques to generate income. The author emphasizes the need to be passionate about the overall goals of the business and to be intimately involved with promoting the cause by finding sponsors and applying current marketing strategies such as social media networks and advertising blogs.

4. Understanding Digital Marketing: Marketing Strategies for Engaging the Digital Generation - Damian Ryan, Calvin Jones.

The varied backgrounds and expertise provided by the authors form a solid basis for any business owner or department manager seeking advice on digital marketing methods. Fundamental information is outlined and the reader is encouraged to develop a plan that suits their specific goals; a helpful guide for strategic planning.

Books that Cover Advanced Digital Marketing Techniques

5. Digital Marketing: Global Strategies from the World’s Leading Experts – Jerry Wind, Vijay Mahajan

Full of information for the business owner looking at international prospects, this book provides detailed resources and factual examples from a global perspective. Contributions from educators at some of the top business schools in the U.S. provide solid advice on digital marketing strategies. Techniques used by major corporations are also included in the text.

As a new business owner increases their knowledge of basic digital marketing techniques, they may choose to expand the strategy to include several methods. The knowledge gained from reading about shared experiences may save significant time and reduce expense. Digital marketing is an ever changing field that warrants a fresh look periodically. New books on the subject will continue to appear and provide helpful suggestions for both new and long-standing business owners.

About author: Rosie
Rosie writes on behalf of a number of businesses on topics ranging from Pension Administration to holiday destinations. Rosie enjoys reading design and technology blogs when she’s not blogging.

Monday, May 14, 2012

Using PPC Management as an Advertising Medium

     Throughout the course of the past several years, the Internet has grown by leaps and bounds. No business or industry knows where the ceiling is, but one common theme is everyone wants a piece of the proverbial pie. Companies are spending upwards of $31.3 billion on Internet advertising. This figure is only expected to rise over the course of the following years. With this amount of money flowing from businesses, the hope is to capitalize on the web traffic and see a positive Return on Investment (ROI).

With advertising dollars so high, where do you put your money, especially in uncertain financial times? Would you put it towards traditional mediums, such as email marketing? Do you use target-specific marketing or do you step out of the box and utilize pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Although traditional marketing campaigns typically produce a continuous ROI, PPCmanagement is an ideal alternative simply due to the low cost to the publisher, the advertising networks and the advertiser. The question is now, “how do you transform your PPC management strategy into a successful advertising campaign”?

Brand Management
A successful PPC campaign means going above and beyond a traditional campaign due to the research capabilities of your customer base. Prior to your first campaign, your customer knows what your business is about and whether or not they will buy into your business model. You brand has to stand out. It has to WOW the customer. In part, what are you doing to separate yourself from the competition.
You have to look at the multiple channels in which you market your business - your website, Google + account, Twitter and Facebook page. Do your pages stand out, or do they scream your brand.

Multichannel Marketing
Branding is one thing, but the various channels you use are another. If you are not willing to branch out, you will not be successful. You have to remember the potential reach social media has on the marketplace. Facebook has approximately 800 million users; Twitter has 100 million users and Google + has approximately 10 million users. With those types of numbers, a successful PPC management strategy must include multichannel marketing.

Local Marketing
Businesses have to start somewhere. With the success, companies that offer hyper-local deals are cashing in, and the small business associated are reaping the benefits. Local marketing allows you to get the word out and eventually expand your operation. Search engines such as Yahoo!, Bing and Google even have specific search engines designed for local markets.

Transform Your Marketing Strategy
When you consider an effective and efficient PPC strategy, you have to look beyond traditional approaches. Considering the majority of top businesses utilize PPC, you have to squeeze every drop out of your campaign. For example, do you have a mobile version of your site? The fact that mobile landing pages are the optimal destination pages verses desktop pages is no coincidence. Now is the time to refresh your mobile presence. Dig deep into the analytics of your campaign. Your strategy is only as good as you want it to be. If you don’t track the results and immediately adjust, you are only setting yourself up for failure. Finally, incorporate your customer-base in your strategy. Since you are marketing to them, get honest feedback to drive more traffic.

You must remember that PPC is not a new tool, simply a method to increase your company’s ROI. When financial times are as challenging as they are today, businesses need every tool available in order to be successful. You also need every angle and think outside the traditional advertising box.

About the author:
Dawn Altnam lives and works in the Indianapolis area, and she enjoys following the tech and business worlds. After furthering her education, she has spent some time researching her interests and blogging of her discoveries often.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

How to create HTML and CSS Comparison Tables in Minutes

Create beautiful HTML & CSS comparison tables with Compare Ninja. By using this you can create a beautiful HTML & CSS comparison table with modern and up to date designs, choose between dozens of table CSS skins. Each comparison table created with Compare Ninja has a social network sharing buttons.

  • Step By Step Table Creation Wizard
  • Beautiful and Modern Table Skins
  • Valid HTML & CSS Code
  • Social Network Sharing
  • SEO Friendly
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  • Inline Editing
  • 100% Completely Free