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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Five Ways You Can Stop Hackers in Their Tracks

Hackers persist in ways that ordinary criminals could never get away with. They prey on people who are unwise about the way computers work and rely on exploiting vulnerabilities in everyday software to gain unauthorized access to their personal computers. Once they're inside, they can steal every piece of data stored on that computer, including credit cards, personal information and more. Some hackers can be so ruthless that they steal everything from people regardless if it's related to personal, business or even charity interests.

Needless to say, they can make a real mess of things.

The good news is that they can be stopped. There's five easy things that you can do to protect yourself from hackers.

1. Use Strong Passwords That You Can Remember
Simply put, weak passwords that are under seven characters are easy for hackers to guess. If they can't guess them, they can input every combination of characters until they get them, provided they really want to.

Make your passwords strong by mixing letters and numbers together. Instead of “golfing” for your passwords, use something like “82golfing55”, where the first two digits signify the year you started doing something and the last two another year that only you would know.

2. Antivirus Software
One of the most common ways hackers gain access to your computer is through malicious software. The best way to counter this is to use an up-to-date antivirus program that automatically scans files you download and provides you with a periodic scan of your entire hard drive. Most antivirus programs can detect things that might be malicious using heuristic scans.

3. Updated Software
Manufacturers release regular updates to software that patch the security holes that hackers use to gain access to your system. Regularly check for updates for the software that you use the most, which includes any internet browsers and operating system software.

4. Firewalls
You can't fix every hole that software and manufacturers aren't always the best to rely on for timely patches. What they don't fix can be secured by a good firewall. A firewall will allow you to regulate who and what access your computer, and a better one will allow you to regulate what leaves your computer.

5. Be Smart
Out of all these tips, this is the most important one. If hackers didn't have any holes in software, they would still be able to gain access to computers by using something called “social engineering.” They can trick you into entering sensitive things like your bank login information by using pages that look real. Always check the URL of the page you're on and make sure you know who you're talking to.

About the Author:
Madyson Grant is currently pursuing a degree at an Engineering Institute using an advanced diploma kit. She is using her knowledge to blog about the ways to protect yourself online.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

iPad mini vs Nexus: Which one should you buy?

iPad mini is from Apple and Nexus is from Google and its partner Asus. Both are the dominating tablets and reviews are there to beat one another. In the technology market always cold war exists between the tablets. Let us see in detail.

In terms of hardware, Nexus has a quad-core Tegra 3 processor and IPS display is of a 7-inch at 1280x800 resolution. Additional features include NFC, Bluetooth 3.0, and GPS built-in. Recently HSPA+ option is added in high end model. Camera got 1.2 megapixel which is placed on front and it is easy to hold because on the back of camera is covered with plastic. Speaker has come up with 8 or 16 GB of storage and recently got 32 GB. Battery life is great that it has approximately withstand 9 hours for video.
The iPad mini is the mix of iPod and iPad in 4:3 screen ratio. It has 7.9-inch IPS display at 1024x768 resolution and the back side is aluminium. It has Apple A5 processor. Additional features are compatibility with GSM and CDMA as well as HSPA+, DC-HSPA+. Ipad mini is available in black or white, and in versions range from 16, 32, or 64GB. Battery life is for 10 hours and amazingly one can watch video.
In the hardware side iPad mini is the winner for its elegance design and manufacturing. On the other hand Nexus 7 is the winner on power and screen density.

The Nexus 7 possess Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and awaiting to get updated to Android 4.2. Jelly Bean is the best OS for phones and since Nexus is getting considered as tablet, it is not well suited for Nexus. Google has put steps to improve interface and performance but while compared to iPad Mini, still it does not win in it. Google is making the apps to communicate with each other.
Ios 6 is there in iPad mini and in terms of polish and consistency they are dominating the world. iOS 6 has elegant optimized tablet interface in which one can get multiple columns. Safari is the best mobile browser and even non technical users can handle that easily by its user friendly approach.
In terms of software, iPad Mini still dominates over Nexus. But at the same time, one's need is ready to use, iOS is the winner. If one prefers to configure and work the way out, Android is the winner.

Services wise Nexus dominates as Google is the dominating search engine and it is highly supported service provider but no feature is from Apple. At the same time iPad Mini has everything for Apple and also from Google.
Regarding customer service, iPad Mini is the best as even non technical user can get used up with it. But for Nexus, even technical users sometimes find difficult for it. But Google cloud users prefer to go to Nexus only.

Apple's content are vast and includes iTunes books, movies etc., and alternatively can go for Amazon, Netflix which are all compatible with iPhone.
Google Play is the content provider for Nexus and it is more preferable for US users and outside US users can prefer iPad Mini.

Nexus is an excellent choice in terms of price as for 16 GB it costs around $199 only. And for 32GB it costs $249 and for 32GB + HSPA+, it is $299
But iPad mini costs $329 only for 16GB itself and the rest ranges more. $429 for 32GB, and $529 for 64GB. Additional price of $130 for HSPA+/LTE.

Ultimately the hardware, software, price and services determine the best to buy either iPad Mini or Nexus. It is the user's choice and users who want slightly higher screen density in fewer prices that is $299, Nexus is the best choice. The iPad is similar with tablets and who want to buy in higher ranges definitely can go for it.

Author Bio:
Kelly is a writer/ blogger.  She contributes to Thea Miller. Check Here for more on Thea Miller

Friday, December 14, 2012

What are your great thoughts about Nexus gadget and Android 4.2

Nexus smart-phones are easily distinguished for their special features. Literally, the continuous add-ons in the features can easily foretell the truth of the future of the Android phones. The Nexus phones were the first to tell us about great 720p large display that introduced to us the virtual keys instead of physical buttons and a new interface as well. The Nexus has gone through repeated developments in a faster way and although from outside, the phones look similar, the inside has always kept changing with new features.
The Gorilla Glass is really good looking
Let’s begin from the impressive glass of the phone. The one-piece gorilla glass on the front of this phone is a magnificent and a clean piece of glass that lends a grand look to all the Nexus phones. Undoubtedly the case of the phone comes with a great finish. Especially the series of dots underneath the glass that produces random light making the phone look great aesthetically.
New cute size with other features
The phone is 9.1 mm in size that fits greatly in the palm, being the slimmest phone in the world. The soft plastic running around the border of it is lovely. Watching complete HD 720P videos can give you unthinkable thrills. Although it is a bit disappointing that the Micro SD card holder is absent in this, the 8 GB and 16 GB memory can accommodate top-end games and HD movies with still a lot of space to make use of it.
Android 4.2-another feather in the cap of Nexus phones
There are amazing developments in the Android 4.2-the new phone by Nexus. Especially, the camera app is so wonderful that you can just tap with the new simpler interface that can permit you to change options by moving finger on the list of options. The new gesture keyword can act like Swype enabling you to make use of WI-FI, air-plane mode, GPS and lock screen, which is re-designated. The multitude of options takes a little more time to learn but really exciting.
Battery-Really amazing
Android 4.2 makes use of the kind of battery to suit the load for various complex operations in a day. It may be checking e-mail or browsing through Twitter and Facebook, the battery can last for the necessity of an entire day. Be it the needs of watching YouTube videos or frequent logging in and out of various websites, the battery can help the demands of the necessities of an average day.
8 Mega-pixel Camera-Wow!!!
Android 4.2 has the fantastic 8 mega-pixel camera to help with wonderful image capturing. The capacity is superb with1080P video that captures images with a LED flash. There is a vast improvement from the earlier Galaxy Nexus version. This is a great camera in its own right that can match with most of the top-end smart phones. Capable of capturing images in nice details, it can sweep your feet off the floor as you see them in print and warm up the cockles of your near and dear ones as you upload and send them to view. The quality of resolutions of the picture is really amazing.
Android 4.2- not the ultimate in Nexus gadgets
Surely, there will be newer phones in the future. But Android 4.2 is undoubtedly the master piece in the range of Nexus phones.
About The Author: Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes in Homes By Vanderbuilt. Her contribution can be also found here HomesBy Vanderbuilt

Saturday, December 8, 2012

The recent trend of In-Game advertising

Imagine this scenario; you are busy chasing the Championship Cup in a NASCAR race track clocking close to 220 miles per hour with your heart racing faster than the car ahead of you. And along the way there is an advertisement for a popular drink diverting your attention for a fraction of a second. And you know how these micro seconds matter in the super-fast NASCAR game. If you have played video games, you would have come across scores of advertisements that trying to remain obscure, fail miserably to be so.  

Advertising could well be considered as one of the most important aspects of building a business. It undoubtedly remains a mystery to many. There still are no hard and fast rules to taming the marketing genie. And there is no magic potion that will make every advertising campaign a success. Any advertiser looks to improve customer’s ad recall and tries to create favorable consumer opinion. And when they find a new arena yet to be tapped, do you think advertisers would think twice before launching an all and out ad campaign? The new and untapped arena is in-game advertising.  And the idea is to advertise in video games. Of course these advertisements try not to distract you but yet they don’t merge in the background. The concept is to have the ad gel with the backdrop but still leave a mark in your mind. The advertisement should vibe well with the mood of the game, the setting and the placement. It should be relevant to the game and should not appear out of place. For instance, if the player is on the road driving around in his car, it is logical to have an advertisement appear as a banner along the road. As this won’t look unnatural or take the player out of the game. 

As the social gaming market is quite huge these days, you can be sure that big corporations like Sony and Microsoft will try to take advantage of it. Social gaming has been churning out huge profits to tech companies and now, it has become a launch pad for new brands and products. 

The more recent trends in in-game advertising are the use of in-house developers to create brand promotion campaigns. These companies are trying not to rely on external developers. The next recent development in the world of in-game advertising is from multi-national companies like Sony Online Entertainment that develop video games. Sony, that makes PS3, has apparently filed a patent to include online advertisements that will allegedly stop the game play for a few seconds to make way for advertisements. This way it could stop single player games or even multi player games in unison for few minutes so that everyone in the game watches the ad and then continues with the game. Although the idea sounds pathetic and terrible, it is better to prepare yourself for this reality. 

Some good news for ardent gamers is that most in-game advertisements don’t seem to be working as well as the corporations hoped for. But as the concept of in-game advertising is still in its nascent stages, it may open up doors to new forms of in-games advertisements sooner than we know. 
It remains to be seen if in-game advertising will be able to crack open the lid off marketing success. As of now, all we can do is immerse ourselves in the world of video games and not worry about the flashing banner talking about one popular drink or the other. 

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