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Saturday, January 12, 2013

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Three Utilities Every Website Needs

In order to run a successful website, you have to cater to what people want to see. The average internet surfer only takes ten seconds or less to determine whether or not they like a website enough to stay on it or whether it bores them into leaving. Certain utilities make a website more appealing and easier to use. If a website looks nice, has certain SEO keywords, and contains a search engine, there's a good chance that site will become a success. Having the proper utilities on your website will make a huge impact on the amount of visitors your site is able to gather. Try these three ways to keep your site fresh and popular. 

Quality art design
The first thing people usually notice on a website is the design. What kind of pictures do you have on your site? Does your layout make the text easy and enjoyable to read? Make sure the art on your page has something to do with the content of the page, even if it's a distant connection between the two. For example, a person writing a blog website about baseball should have nice-looking images relating to baseball on the homepage. The text of your pages needs to read quickly and effortlessly, or people will become bored. Once your site looks great, other great ideas can then take your site to the next level. 

SEO keywords and content
Let’s use that baseball blog as an example. If Mike Trout is a trending player right now, you should take advantage of that and fill your content with Mike Trout's name. You don't necessarily have to write articles solely dedicated to him, but mentioning his name would help your blog appear on search engines more readily. Once your visitors find your site, the rest of your content keeps them coming back. Write stuff that people care about. Why and how did Mike Trout just have one of the best seasons for a rookie in the history of baseball? Think outside the box a little bit. 

A search engine
When people find websites they like, they'll come back frequently if they can find related sites and information there. Your website's own search engine provides the visitors with a portal to related content online. Perhaps they'll be looking for other baseball blogs similar to your own. Users should also be able to use your search engine to find information within your site. If you have a forum, links to news, and other interactive sections, these search engines helps visitors find the information they consider most important.

Author Bio
Lyndsi Decker is a freelance writer and techie who has been promoting and looking into reseller hosting. To learn more about website hosting check here. In her free time she enjoys blogging about tech and spending time with her husband and two kids.


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