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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

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Before start guest blogging what we should not avoid

Guest blogging is a good way of building the online presence, traffic and links for the blog posts. Someone who is good at writing can create a top-notch influence online at a very short time. However, being a new blogger one should try to follow certain rules. Guest blogging is like a marketing tactics, it is a choice, which not many people do. The complication of guest blogging is very less, only two important things should be remembered- building a strong relationship and providing with high-quality content. Here are some surefire tips which if not avoided can make the presence of a new blogger highlighted.

Creating relationship and commenting frequently
Before starting guest blogging, one should strengthen the connections with other bloggers so that the guest post is accepted. It is easy to be noticed when the other bloggers know of you. The chance of getting the post rejected becomes less. In addition, leaving of thoughtful comments on different posts can make ones reputation better and one can be noticed by the other bloggers. This makes it the most effective way to make the online presence powerful. One should always try to focus on small blogs at the beginning. This way one can increase the boost and reputation.

Knowing the guidelines and the targeted audience
One should always target the audience first before guest blogging. It can give an idea of the kind of audience and the topic to write. This can eventually reduce the bumps in the journey, as one does not have to do any research on the blog readers. A very important factor that should not be avoided is to know clearly for whom the blogs are to be written. Beside ones writing skill, knowing the audience can certainly make the post go viral. Now, coming to know each details of writing one can definitely start over to write guest blogs.

Avoid bragging yourself and respond to all
Being novice in guest blog, one must certainly not brag about oneself as it creates a negative impact upon the other bloggers. Sending the ideas over an e-mail is a very good idea. Focusing on giving high quality content should be the first target. One should always send the whole post and not the title or the main idea of the post. After the successful posting, one should try to focus on giving response to the thoughtful comments provided by others and not on every thanking comment. This way a perfect link can be made with the other bloggers and popularity also increases.

There are numerous ways in which guest blogging can be done. One should just not limit to only one way. Exposures in different ways make the other bloggers to know more of oneself and helps to create a intimidate relationship with them. One should always have the plan before starting guest blogging. Without any plan, proceeding in the right way is very difficult and mainly ends with failure. Therefore, before starting guest blogging one should at first be aware of the doings.

About The Author: Kelly is a writer/blogger. She loves writing travelling and reading books. She contributes to Infurn


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