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Sunday, February 24, 2013

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Different Ways of Capturing Website Screenshots

Taking screenshots of all the vital sites and information is a common feature especially in the workplaces. It is like keeping a proof of your essential document. Similarly, screenshots are also taken of websites. Haven’t you heard of this? Don’t you know how to take the screenshots? Screenshots of websites are a common feature of your task, especially if you are a journalist. You might have known about the different tools of capturing the screenshots of a website.

Take a look at the different tools for easily capturing the screenshots of your desired websites. You will get some of the tools as browser plug-ins and others come as standalone. Check out the tools and you will know it better.

ieSnapshotter – This is a plug-in for the Internet Explorer users. You can easily take thumbnails and screenshots of the web pages using this OS.

Screengrab – This is a very useful plug-in that helps you to take partial screenshots. You can save only the visible part of a window, a whole page, a specific frame of the website page or only a part of it. Not the whole website, now you can take a part of the web page.

Snissa – This is a plug-in for the Firefox users to enable them to take the screenshots of the web page.

Picnik for Firefox – Are you a photo editor using Picnik, the online image editing tool? If you are using this online editor, this Firefox plug-in is apt for you. It allows you to import the screenshot of the webpage you have opened at the present.

Pearl Crescent Page Server – With the help of this browser plug-in you can save the image of a web page in png or jpg format. You can capture a portion of the webpage or the whole of it. Saving the screenshots gives them the capability of automatically scaling the image to some small size.

Save as image – This is also a Firefox plug-in enabling you to save frame, page or a portion of any of the two as a picture straight from Firefox.


Thumbalizr – This is the plug-in that allows you to take the screenshot of the website only by pasting its URL. The only disadvantage of using it is – it might not function in all circumstances.

WebShotsPro – Enter the URL and capture the screenshot of the website you want. That’s it! It is so simple!

Author’s Bio: Timothy Lee is a journalist and knows well the importance of screenshots. He has recently come across some tools which he shares with his readers. He also advises his readers that to run any tool, you should have online Firewall security setup.


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