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Sunday, March 3, 2013

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What are the Top Computing Trends of 2013 Set to Be?

While we can expect to see some existing trends grow throughout 2013, the biggest impact on computing technology throughout the year ahead is likely to come from entirely new ideas.  One of the quirks of living a life heavily integrated with the technology industry is that if you are not up to speed, you are nowhere at all. Being in touch with the latest trends from across the industry is hugely important at all times, and using the most up to date products even more so.

How will computing technology define our lives throughout 2013? We looked closely at this question.

The Internet of Things

To the outsider, the ‘Internet of Things’ is probably what they think facetious tech junkies have begun calling the internet. They might even think it is the ‘official’ name for the internet.

However, it is something entirely different, and a development that could have a major role on how consumers use the internet. Whether it is accessing data, social media platforms, or the further personalisation of the internet, this will be a huge revolution, and it begins here in 2013.

Cyber Security

It seems that almost every day since the turn of the year has seen us reading about the latest cyber-attack, whether that be on Twitter accounts or on the databases of some of the planet’s biggest businesses and groups.

Expect there to be further evolution of this industry this year, as security providers move to create barriers that are almost impenetrable, and a service that allows any breaches to be detected and dealt with immediately.

No matter how far cyber security evolves, however, there will always be the feeling that it is nothing but the next move in the continuing game of cat and mouse between hackers and global companies.

3D Gaming

Not every trend in the world of computing is related to PC’s, and one of the biggest in the coming months is certain to be 3D gaming on a traditional console.

Microsoft, for example, have filed a patent for a projector to display 3D game images on a wall, meaning the next Call of Duty game or FIFA 14 might not be played on the television, but on a battlefield or football pitch that you are stood in the middle of.

Gaming should not be the end of the continuing 3D trend, however. Expect to see the next evolution forward from touch screen computers as the cost of 3D technology comes down. By the end of the year, we could see laptops that project menus into the room in front of you, allowing you to ‘pick up and open’ the application you want to use, for example, or navigate your way around the internet.

Limitless Potential

The biggest appeal when it comes to technology is that it is impossible to predict where these trends could end. Today, a 3D laptop screen and user interface may seem outrageous, but come next year it may well be the norm.

Whether it is gaming, the ‘Internet of Things,’ Cyber Security or anything else, what we thought we knew and understood about computing technology is sure to change yet again in 2013.

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