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Sunday, April 7, 2013

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Five Must-Have Technologies for People Stuck in the Stone Age

As technology continues to make huge leaps towards the future, consumers are left with two choices. Either adapt to keep pace with change, or be left behind in a virtual Stone Age. From home entertainment to getting to work, there are five must-have technologies that will define the way people live their lives in the not-so-distant future.

The days of pressing the old keypad for 10 minutes to send a short text message are gone. Today's smartphones make communication, social interaction and navigation easier and faster than ever.

Devices like the Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy S3 and Droid DNA have made it possible for everyone to carry powerful hardware right in their pocket. 

Tablet Computers
With larger screens and more room for hardware, tablet computers offer the same functionality of smartphones with less limitations. The Nexus 7, iPad and Kindle Fire defined the tablet market during 2012, and will continue to do so throughout 2013.
Within two short years, mobile users will account for half of the Internet's traffic. Smartphones and tablets will eventually replace the conventional home computer. As the ability to pack more powerful hardware in a smaller area increases, tablets will be the first mobile device to match the computing power of a desktop PC.

Streaming Video Devices
From D-Link's Movienite Plus to smart integration of televisions, streaming video will replace the conventional ways people enjoy home entertainment.
Instead of changing channels to see what's available, viewers can choose exactly what they want to watch without commercial interruptions.

Home Automation
Automated homes are quickly becoming a definitive trend of this decade. With smart security systems and home appliances featuring mobile integration, homeowners can operate every major aspect of their household via a smartphone or tablet.

The ability to monitor surveillance cameras from anywhere and be notified of intrusions and fires make home automation one a must-have technology for homeowners in 2013. 

Hybrid Transportation
With mobile computing and home automation, drivers will be able to ensure their home is safe at all times. Despite these advantages, the price of gas and impact on the environment is crucial to our future. 

Hybrid cars and trucks will continue to become more common. By reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, going hybrid kills two birds with one stone.

Although other impressive technologies are making their way to the forefront of consumer industry, mobile computing, home automation and streaming devices will be top trends throughout the next few years. If today's consumers want to stay ahead of the technological Stone Age, these are five must-have technologies for 2013.


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