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Saturday, April 20, 2013

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How can a free SEO keywords tool help your site

In the mid-1990s, the World Wide Web started gaining popularity with everyday users. With the internet growing at a fast pace, companies and websites began competing for a higher place in search engine results. The term SEO (search engine optimization) came into being in 1997. However, due to its exploitative nature, the technique has been abused by webmasters as well as spammers into luring visitors to sites with inaccurate or deceptive content. The good news for web users and website developers is that most popular search engines are constantly releasing newer updates of their products to ensure that users only get the results that are the most relevant.

How can a free SEO keywords tool help your siteHow can a free SEO keywords tool help your site

Why is SEO important for you?
By February 2013, Google had indexed as many as 14.93 billion web pages. That’s a virtual sea of pages within which your website can drown if not optimized for SEO. With so many people searching for various things and products multiple times each day and with rivals popping out left right and center at an alarming rate, it becomes very important for your website to be SEO optimized if it wants to stand higher in searches. Paired with a free keyword tool, your SEO campaign can help your site rank higher in searches and draw more profitable and relevant traffic to your site.

Free SEO keywords tool vs. paid SEO keywords tool
The internet has become an increasingly competitive place for website owners. This of course means that website owners that can pay to hire SEO professionals to work their magic round the clock do have a certain edge over websites that have used free SEO keywords tool to optimize their site for searches. However, if you are a small fry and can’t afford to hire fancy professionals or pay for SEO keywords tool, you can still make the full use of free SEO keywords tools and maximize their value by using these tools cleverly.

Advantages of using free SEO keywords tools
A free SEO keywords tool might not be as highly feature laden but it does have a lot of value on its own too. Here are a few advantages of using a free SEO keywords tool.

It helps you stay within budget
Paying for a SEO keywords tool and hiring a professional to work it for you is a monthly expense. If you are trying to build a new website, straining your resources at the very start could be very counter-intuitive.

Non-professional tactics also have a niche audience
What people fail to understand about professional work is that are based on a set of tactics that are known to work and work well. Professional knowledge leaves little room for real innovation and what one professional knows, so does another. This makes professional efforts in an already competitive field like SEO highly competitive. A non-professional using a free SEO keywords tool can also create content that is unique and high in quality and draw enough traffic to sustain and build a nice audience for themselves.

Quality of SEO keywords instead of quantity
Black hat SEO tactics are getting a lot of sites blacklisted and banned by major search engine giants which means that any site that uses sneaky ways like keyword stuffing, duplicate content and other means of artificially boosting traffic to the site automatically get banned from showing up in searches. This means that any website with original and interesting content will get enough hits in searches as well.

You can use social media marketing to boost the effectiveness of free SEO keywords tools
If you are just launching a website, you must know who important it is to use a social media marketing campaign to boost your site’s visibility. What this marketing and content linking effort does is that it helps you technically escape the penalties of using duplicate content while having the same content indexed in searches engines at multiple pages.

Know how Google Penguin update will impact super-SEO optimized sites
Google is all set to introduce its Penguin algorithm update which will penalize over-optimized sites and rank them lower in searches. This will ultimately help non-professional, free SEO keywords tool users though they will have to remember to adhere to white hat SEO practices to reap its results.

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