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Saturday, April 6, 2013

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Latest High Tech Gadgets in 2013

There has been a storm of production of new gadgets for the past years due to the technological advancements in the electronic industry. The Top 5 gadgets that are available in the market today include Smartphone, tablets computers, e-readers, smart TVs and smart watches.

1. Smartphone – Smartphone which comprises different device types and brands have become the top gadget for staying mobile yet still connected. Their extreme portability and functionality can take the work of your mobile phone and computers. They are considerably far smarter than a normal mobile phone and much more convenient to use than a laptop. With this phone you can perform more task than you used to with older version of mobile phones. 

2. Tablet Computers – These gadgets are basically the new version of laptops. However, the critical difference between the two is that you don’t need to use a keyboard and a mouse when using the device because they are incorporated with a touch screen functioning. There are a lot of new tablets from top companies like Apple and Samsung that has been gaining popularity in the market today due to their features, portability and multitasking capabilities. 

3. Smart TVs – A smart TV is a television set which is designed to retrieve contents from the internet with built in applications that enables user to stream movies, games, sports and others form the internet.  This gadget can also give you access on the contents stored in your home computer. It offers multitude of services that are not available in an ordinary television. The operating system was improved to ensure that customers will have better viewing experience. 

4. Smart Watches– These are great gadgets for a gift that are designed to interact with your Smartphone, laptop or tablets. Depending on the operating system of your Smartphone it can also operate the same way like streaming video online and playing your favorite music files. They are very functional that it allows user to access on social networking sites. Sony and Motorola have taken the lead in the market with these devices. 

5. E-Readers – If you are trying to buy a gadget that would satisfy your reading passion, then e-readers are the best product to put in your cart.  They can contain thousands of books with limitation based only on the memory capacity of the gadget. These are great to use devices that uses e-ink technology displays for easier reading ability. Since they only consume power when the display changes, they tend to have longer battery life. 

As people continue to learn new things and search about information technology, electronic gadgets are expected to become sophisticated and better in the next few years. There are that’s has been released while others are still in the process and are ready to be launched soon. 

Author bio:
Claudia is an MBA and certified public accountant. He has been in the business industry for nearly fifteen years now. In her free times, she also writes about tips related to IT job placement, follow me @ITdominus1.


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