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Sunday, May 12, 2013

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Top 5 Gadgets and Internet Trends to Know So You Don't Get Left Behind

You hear about emerging technologies all the time, but each year our technologies and gadgets progress faster and faster. Instead of being left behind this time, you'll want to make sure to get ahead of the game and familiarize and prepare yourself for new gadgets before companies release these technologies to the public. Check out the following top five gadgets that will hit headlines in the near future.

1. Google Glass

You've seen it in futuristic movies, and it's almost here: a pair of glasses that does everything that your smart phone does, from giving directions and taking pictures to translating languages and answering questions all by the sound of your voice. Share your point-of-view with your family and friends through pictures and videos and download various apps. This is a truly incredible piece of technology that you'll want to keep your eye on, set to release just before the holiday season.

2. Electric Cars

If you're not living under a rock, then you've probably heard a lot about electric car technology, but since few companies are actually manufacturing fully electric cars, few people have been able to get their hands on them. However, you can expect affordable electric cars to hit the market in the near future with comparable mpg to traditional vehicles.

3. Smart TV

Since the release of the smart phone, it hasn't been such a crazy idea to create a smart TV, and you don't have to wait much longer. With TVs having the ability to wirelessly connect to the Internet, you will receive easy, high-quality experiences with television, social media, and video websites among many other applications all at a higher resolution.

4. Smart Watch

Along with smartphones and smart TVs, you'll also discover that the smart watch is creating a buzz throughout the nation. A smart watch is much more than a user-friendly way to keep the time, but it can also function as a mobile communication device, calculator, camera, and more. Many include features such as weather monitoring, GPS navigation, and countless other modern applications.

They can also support Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, and with modern wireless Internet services offered by companies like Clear Internet Services, your watch can connect to the 4G network no matter where you are. Visit for more information.

5. 3-D Printing

 Maybe you won't actually be using 3-D printing, but this is a technology you'll want to know about. 3-D printing is a technique that interprets computer files and turns designs into 3-D models, and it won't take long until consumers can use the technology in their home, office, or other remote locations. This means that companies can quickly and easily create hard copy models from 2-D blueprints by printing layers of metal or plastic. Pretty cool, huh?

No matter if you're ready to move on from your recent gadgets to these latest technologies, it's important to become aware of these emerging gadgets, because they're going to make an impact.  Whether you like it or not, you'll likely encounter these gadgets, and when you do, you'll be ahead of the game.


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