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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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5 Reasons the Roku 3 Appeals to Everyone

If you like watching television and movies, but you don't like the sometimes limited choices of standard broadcast outlets, the new Roku 3 is just what you may need. This new streaming device will give you plenty of features and benefits that don't come with traditional television viewing.
Quick and Speedy Streaming from the New User Interface

The Roku 3's streaming speed will have you jumping up and down in excitement. The device has a faster processor and a new interface that makes it quicker than other stream boxes. You can see nine channel options simultaneously—the old system only presented five. Additionally, the interface lets you go deeper into the menus. This allows you to scroll through channels much more quickly. 

The new Roku 3's processor will speed up channel selection, enhancing your viewing experience. While the true performance and quality of programs will still depend on your individual internet connection, most systems should provide good quality—even for those HD programs. You can find a high-speed connection suitable for the Roku 3 by visiting HighSpeedInternetProviders.

Plenty of Channels, Viewing Options
Roku 3 supports more than 750 channels, giving you plenty of viewing options. These channels include:
Amazon Cloud
Hulu Plus
…many others
With this many channel options, it's unlikely that you will ever find yourself saying, "There's just nothing good to watch."

Headphone Option for Your Listening Pleasure
Another great new feature of the Roku 3 is the headphone jack. Interestingly, the headphone jack is located on the unit's remote control. The convenience of this is an innovation that should have happened far sooner. You can listen to your show and not disturb others who may be reading or who really don't want to listen to what you are watching. You can even listen to the audio with the television turned off.

The New Remote Control Provides New Communication Feature
The remote communications of the Roku 3 takes places over Wi-Fi Direct, so your remote control no longer needs to be line of sight to control the unit. If you have a universal remote controlling other devices, don't worry. The Roku will still work with regular IR units. 

Another new features of the remote control is that it includes an accelerometer that can be used with streaming games on the Roku network.

A Great New Look and Design
While not an actual feature, the new Roku 3 has a sleek new look and design. The unit has nice rounded edges, as well as a glossy finish for a cutting-edge look. The Roku 3 weighs more than its predecessors, which gives the impression of higher quality. This new heavier weight also keeps the Roku 3 in place. The non-skid rubber bottom and the weight keeps the unit from sliding around—even with heavy cables hanging from the back. 

With all these new features, along with its affordable price tag will make the Roku 3 a must-have for anyone who wants to enhance their streaming experience. 

Author Bio: Angela is a freelance tech, health and travel writer. When she isn’t writing she is hiking, playing guitar and attempting to cook. Follow her on Twitter @Ang_Freeman3


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