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Friday, June 28, 2013

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5 Ways Your Smart Phone Can Help You Be A Better Driver

Smart phones have become miniature computers that have a wide range of applications. Using the device as a phone can be distracting to drivers who are on the road. This is not the only use for a smart phone in the car. There are five ways that a smart phone can actually make a person a better driver.

1. Traffic Reports
Smart phones can make a person a better driver through apps that provide real-time traffic reports in the current city. These apps use data from a number of sources to report on major highways or avenues that are blocked or moving very slowly. This allows drivers to avoid contributing to gridlock and to get to the destination faster.

2. Voice Commands
Most smart phones can accept voice commands to perform different functions. This allows drivers to deal with issues such as incoming calls, text messages or even alarms that act as reminders without turning away from the road. This also helps when using a smart phone to play music since the driver can use voice commands to lower the volume or change the track.

3. Driving Assistance
A handful of smart phone apps are now available that provide driving assistance. These apps use the sensors and the global positioning chip in the phone to extrapolate the speed and movements of the vehicle. Drivers will hear a warning from these apps when exceeding the local speed limit, when making overly hard turns or when driving in a way that is considered dangerous. Driving assistance apps can even record the data so that it can be looked at later.

4. Navigation
Smart phones are becoming a less expensive alternative to dashboard mounted global positioning systems (GPS) in cars. Some apps are even more accurate than older standalone devices. Navigation apps provide drivers with step-by-step directions to a destination. Many apps vocalize the directions. This allows drivers to focus on the road and the surrounding vehicles instead of looking at a map.

5. Diagnostics
A number of smart phone apps provide diagnostics for a vehicle. Some of these apps track time or mileage and inform the driver when the car needs maintenance. This means a person with Nitto tires can use the app to know when it is time to have the tires rotated. Other apps communicate with a device plugged into the car. These apps inform drivers about potential internal problems. These make drivers better by ensuring the car is safe to operate.

It is important to use smart phones responsibly while driving. Some helpful apps are designed to be used before starting the car and getting on the road. Others provide audio feedback. It is important never to look away from the road while driving.


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