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Thursday, June 13, 2013

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Evolution of Blogging

Although the term ‘blogging’ was not introduced until much later, the concept of blogging runs as early on in the history as 1980’s when Usenet was the major medium for uploading information on the internet. That was basically largely used for newsgroup purposes. Later on people started – at large – to keep an online diaries where they uploaded all that was going on in their daily lives. That was the concept from where blogging actually evolved.

The First Steps named ‘Blogging’
These personal and news blogs started expanding into business blogs, book-club discussions, travel blogs, employment blogs, etc. over the years. This expansion of blogging was greatly beneficial to the internet users as well as the unemployed people who now started seeing the prospect of jobs and income using this new medium that was called blogging. In those days blogging was basically about manually updating information that was already given on websites. This practice was adopted to make it easier for the less technical population of the time when internet was not as widely used as it is now, to help them keep in touch with all happening in their areas of interest in an organized, reverse chronological order.

Easing into present-day Blogging of 2013
As time passed, more and more areas of life started grasping the idea of using blogs to their own purposes. Politicians started blogging for opinion-based research to get the feel of their voting population. In fact blogging gained so much population that some popular bloggers even moved to media like radio and television to seize their fame when invited. Blogs even came out to be important news sources.

Blogging Today
In the present age of 2013, blogging is vastly an amalgamation of all it was in the years before and more. It has been building up on the foundation of the 20th century and increasing its area of use. Blogging today is not restricted to certain topics or purposes like keeping a diary, or publishing news, etc. Today, in 2013, blogs are seen to be business escapades, interest-based discussions, products reviews, celebrity celebration, social gatherings, educational get-togethers, musical sharing, and the list goes on. It’s not necessary that an author will make her own blog, for instance, because even a die-hard fan could know so much about what’s going on with the author that he himself makes a blog in the author’s name and gives out all the updates of the latest releases and the reviews of books, etc. and if he is a real book-lover he might even keep a blog to give information on every one of his favorite writers.

Shining Bloggers
In 2013, surveys have shown the increased use of blogging and the great deal of bloggers out there who are now using these blogs for virtually every purpose they can think of. Today, the internet is a vastly used entity in almost every part of the world. Life without it is almost impossible to fathom. And making a website seems like too much of a task when, instead, there is a much temptingly easy task of keeping a blog which is, both, easy as well as convenient for the blogger and the audience alike.

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