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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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Four Essentials For The Hardcore Techie Perfect Gaming Center

The gaming rig used for daily play is a source of pride for many hardcore gamers. The gaming center could take months or years to assemble and calibrate for the perfect playing experience. Gamers who have a good rig are constantly looking for new technologies that will make playing more fun, more convenient or easier. There are four essentials every gamer should have as part of a gaming center. 

1. Multiple Custom Controllers 
Any respectable hardcore gaming rig will have a selection of custom controllers that make playing different styles of games easier and more enjoyable. Computer gamers will want to have a gaming mouse with an ergonomic shape and buttons placed in convenient locations for fast response. Console gamers will want to have several controllers that feel more natural and responsive than the generic controllers that come with the system. Anyone who plays fast-paced first-person shooters should own one of the controllers shaped like a game weapon. These allow for fast access to features like sniper zoom and reload hotkeys. Gamers into simulations will want a flight stick to allow for natural control of the ship or vehicle in the game. 

2. Dual Monitors 
Dual monitors are a welcome addition to any hardcore gaming center. This usually involves placing two widescreen monitors or televisions side by side. A number of MMOs and complex single-player games allow players to use one monitor as the primary view and the other to show inventories, heads-up displays, menu options or other controls. Some computer and console games can combine the dual monitors to create a panoramic view of the environment. Dual monitors are also good for breaking apart multiplayer offline games that would normally use a split screen format. Each player has a personal display with a full view when using dual monitors. 

3. Smart Headsets 
Hardcore gamers who enjoy fast-paced MMOs, strategy games or team-based console shooters know that the only way to succeed is to use a headset to communicate with other players quickly by voice. Smart headsets use complex noise cancelling technologies to reduce most of the sounds in the background. The headsets have speakers and microphones attached to microprocessors that receive ambient sounds and sent out sound waves to cancel the noise. This will remove background noise in a home from guests and will even reduce sounds from the speaker system attached to the computer or console. The result is clearer and sharper team communication while playing. 

4. Storage and Transport Cases 
Most of the peripherals used by hardcore gamers are fragile. Gamers need to take care of each independent part of the rig. Gamers need to store the items not in immediate use safely. This means keeping a strong case on hand. Allcases makes computer and general-purpose storage and transport cases that will protect gaming peripherals from moisture, fire and even strong impacts. The cases include foam inserts that hold controllers or headsets in place to prevent damage. The same cases can be used when traveling to a friend’s house or a competition. They also make it easier when moving or buying new gaming peripherals from a trade show. 

Gamers rely on the newest technologies to play complex games with hundreds of different commands. Using the right gaming technology provides an edge over other players who are still using the default peripherals that came with a computer or console. Hardcore gamers should be constantly looking for new items and peripherals that will improve the gaming center in the home.


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