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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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How Call Tracking Prevent Bad Marketing Decisions?

If you are going to use the phrase 'call tracking' with someone outside the context of marketing and entrepreneurship, it will conjure up images of government spying, computer geeks hunching over computer screens listening to the private conversation. The best and hot example is the recent controversy of NSA wiretapping.

In fact, the entire planet is talking about call tracking and the program used by the CIA or NSA to monitor or track calls along with social media, emails, etc. However, call tracking meant something entirely different before this kind of controversy came out.

Call tracking is a famous tool used by marketers and entrepreneurs to analyze which ads, marketing campaigns or search phrases generate phone calls. This is used to determine what type of campaign is effective and discontinue using other campaigns that do not generate sales. This call tracking tool is helpful in cutting cost and allows marketers to focus on an ad platform that is sure to provide ROIs.

Hence, it is advisable that in every online business or may be offline needs to have a call tracking tool and assign each of the phone numbers to a specific ad campaign to make this ad analysis a success.

So, how call tracking stop or prevent bad marketing decisions?

In conjunction to the above definition, call tracking software provides crucial information that marketers need to make decisions based on their marketing expenses. The following are the avenues where call tracking may be used to analyze or determine an effective marketing campaign.

Call Tracking in PPC
Many marketers and entrepreneurs spend billions every year on their PPC campaigns and Google Adwords. They know that they could generate as many leads and income tripling their expenses through the click-through ads like the PPC. This campaign is a known tool to drive traffic to their landing pages, and track the conversion rates and revenues based on visits.

Using this call tracking software, marketers track the phone calls coming from the PPC campaigns they placed in the Internet. The data generated by the call tracking software is critical to fill the blindspot as marketers track their real returns or ROIs.

Call Tracking in SEO
Search engine optimization is the most famous tool used in inbound marketing. While the ranking of keywords and social media campaigns are very expensive, it is important that marketers and entrepreneurs could generate income through the phone calls their SEO are generating. And if it's not, their allotted resources and money spent on an SEO service will be in vain. The role of the call tracking software is crucial to identify whether they generate sales from SEO or not. So, they could discontinue using the service if they found the other way around.

Call Tracking in Traditional Media
Many marketers and entrepreneurs place call tracking numbers in the radio ads, TV ads, print ads and direct mail ads. They want to know how many phone calls each of the ad platform are generating. This is to ensure that their ad on a specific campaign is effective and will discontinue financing on a campaign that do not generate many phone calls. So, they could save marketing expenses on a bad campaign and allot more resources on the best platform.

So, who says call tracking does not stop bad marketing decision?
It is a perfect tool in the marketer's toolbox that could save you from further profit losses.

The above article is written by Steven Wright, a Marketing Expert at Dial800. His task is to reach out prospective clients through online marketing, and promotes their company's online social presence. He is passionate about virtual phone business, call tracking and the wonders of inbound marketing. You can connect with Steven via Twitter at @Dial800.


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