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Thursday, June 20, 2013

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How Marketing Has Changed And What You Need To Do Differently

During the last several years, the most effective marketing strategies have changed significantly. By using a combination of the most effective Internet marketing strategies in 2013, a website owner can quickly drive a large amount of traffic to any website and increase the conversion rates that the website generates.

Social Media Networks
During the last several years, the popularity of many social media networks grew rapidly, and now, millions of people log onto the social media networks each day.

In order to drive a large amount of traffic to a website, website owners create detail profiles on the networks, pay for traffic from the networks, consistently update their status and tweet.

Article Directories
Before Google's algorithm updates, which are called Penguin and Panda, many website owners used article directories to market a website. A website owner could add many low quality and similar articles, which included several links to their website, to various article directories in order to generate a large amount of traffic.

Now, the authority of article directories has been lowered significantly.

Instead of using the article directories, a website owner should consistently post high quality content on their own website.

Local Keyword Phrases
In the past, website owners mainly targeted keyword phrases that were used nationally and internationally, but now, website owners are focusing on local keyword phrases.

Local SEO services provides are helping website owners to target certain geographical areas, and a local SEO report will show the number of people who search for particular keyword phrases in a certain area.

Keyword Stuffing
Before Penguin and Panda, website owners would post articles that had keyword densities of between five percent and seven percent.

Since the algorithm updates, Google has penalized websites that have articles that are stuffed with keywords, and now, articles with keyword densities that are between one percent and two percent rank very high in the search engines for these keywords.

High Quality Backlinks
Website owners used to be able to drive a website to the top of the rankings of the search engines by establishing many backlinks on low quality webpages, and many website owners paid for links.

Now, Google will penalize a website if Google suspects that the website has backlinks that have been paid for, and backlinks that are established on a website with a high pagerank are much more authoritative and valuable.

The best marketing strategies have changed greatly during the last several years. Now, some of the most effective strategies include social media optimization, consistently posting high quality content, focusing on local keyword phrases, posting articles that have a keyword density of around two percent and establishing high quality backlinks. 


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