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Saturday, July 27, 2013

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3 Reasons Why the Portable Car GPS is Becoming Extinct

The portable car GPS has some tough competition when it comes to navigation devices. In-dash GPS systems, emergency communication services, and smartphones are all better alternatives. Read this article to see how they are making old portable GPSs obsolete.

1. In-Dash GPS Systems From Auto Manufacturers Provide Additional Features
The biggest hurdle for portable car GPS manufacturers is automobile manufacturers installing their own GPS systems directly into the console of their cars. Drivers won't have to buy GPS devices, the windshield mount, or dash mount to secure it. Streamlined in-dash GPS systems are ready to go as soon as the owner drives off the dealership's lot.

GPS is usually just one part of the In-Dash system offered by automobile manufacturers. For example, Ford's Sync and MyFord Touch system not only provides turn-by-turn directions, they also provide personalized news, stocks, and sports scores. You can even access some of the car's features including climate control, and radio through the MyFord Touch interface. In-dash systems are simply superior to portable car GPS systems.

2. Emergency Communication Services Monitor Cars and Provide Assistance
Another competitor of portable car GPS devices is monitoring services such as OnStar. OnStar equipped vehicles wouldn't need portable GPS devices. With just a push of a button, you are immediately connected to an advanced navigation system. Just ask where you would like to go and OnStar will provide directions. You can even speak to an actual person, or Advisor, while driving to guide you to your destination. They are available 24/7.

OnStar also provides emergency services such as road side assistance. It will send emergency help to your location after a crash, even if you don't ask for help, thanks to OnStar's crash-detecting sensors. Other services available with OnStar include vehicle diagnostic reports, hands-free calling, and stolen vehicle support. It can also unlock your doors when you leave your keys in the car or honk the horn and flash the lights to alert you to the car's location.

If your car features a service like OnStar, expect to receive a discounted insurance rate for your vehicle with national companies like those found on Auto Insurance, as lower response times to an accident brings down the overall cost of insuring the entire driving force.

3. Smartphones Feature Apps That Provide GPS Mapping and Directions
Smartphones have replaced so many devices, that the portable car GPS only had so much time before it was its next conquest. The two companies that have propelled smartphones to the GPS and personal navigation system market is Google, and Apple. Google maps is a popular app that provides detailed directions, accurate maps, and interesting travel information including the location of restaurants, hotels, and shopping malls. It also provides realistic street view perspectives, and public transportation information.

Apple has a mapping application as well, but it isn't as accurate as Google's. Its flyover feature and spoken directions are two advantages over Google Maps.

As more people upgrade to smartphones and new car owners buy vehicles with navigation systems, the portable car GPS will eventually die out. It's only hope is to retain as many of their current subscribers as possible.  


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