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Monday, July 8, 2013

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4 Things That Will Help Your Business Run Smoother

Running even a very small business is not an easy task. Many different components make up any company. Getting these individual parts to work together without friction can be challenging. Taking the steps to make a business run more smoothly has several advantages including reduced overhead and better employee productivity.

Reassess Workflow
The workflow is how the daily tasks performed by each employee combine and interact in order to reach a goal. Workflow sometimes develop slowly over time as a combination of official policy and employee improvisation. Businesses should assess the current workflow to find redundancies, inefficiencies and unnecessary steps. Using industry best practices and lean concepts can help to identify areas that could be consolidated or removed. This will increase productivity on a granular level.

Increase Employee Engagement
Employee engagement is one of the most important factors for most workers. It directly affects how smoothly a business runs. Engagement means a number of things including keeping employees informed about decisions, providing positive or constructive feedback and giving workers the tools to own a position or job duty. It could also mean providing training and accepting feedback about the business. An employee productivity infographic shows that engaged workers perform better and will allow the business to run more smoothly.

Employ Analytics
Detailed analytics are essential for developing and maintaining a business that runs smoothly. Analytics are usually generated through software applications or can be provided by outside consulting firms. Analytics can show exactly where resources are being spent. The can show whether there are bottlenecks that need to be restructured. Analytics can also show how products or services are being received by clients and customers. Using enterprise resource management (ERM) systems or detailed reports generation applications will provide a very precise and customizable view of how the business is currently running.

Third-Party Logistics Providers
There are times when a business cannot run smoothly because a service or task is beyond the scope of current assets and skills. A business will run smoother when these functions are passed to a third-party logistics provider (3PL). A 3PL is a company that specializes in just one area such as fulfillment, delivery or even customer service. Passing tasks like warehousing or procurement to a 3PL can simplify the structure of the business and allow workers to focus on core tasks. This will allow the company to run more smoothly.

Businesses that want to run more smoothly need to look at every area where there might be a problem. Even minor changes to one department could have a dramatic impact. Business owners must take the time to track performance after any change to ensure there were no unintended side effects.


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