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Thursday, July 11, 2013

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Apps That Will Help You Keep Track Of Your Things While Moving

You have found the perfect house and now have to begin the somewhat arduous task of moving everything you own into the new location. This can be a daunting task that can strike the strongest person with fear and frustration. Luckily, technology is on your side and there are now various apps that can help make your move proceed smoothly.

Note that each app lists its primary platform at the time of this writing. Should an app not be listed for your preferred platform, be sure to check your app store to see if it is available.

1. Moving Van ($1.99 – iPhone) – One of the most annoying things to happen when moving is to lose track of what is in each box. The Moving Van app acts as an inventory tracker that allows you to list the contents of each box. The app also allows various ways to export the data.

2. Moving List ($2.99 – iPhone/iPad) – Looking for a comprehensive checklist of what needs to be done before and after the move? Moving list will give you over 90 pre-populated lists that cover every facet of the move. The lists are categorized by packing, movers, do it yourself, etc.

3. Move Planner ($2.99 – iPhone) – This app is a large checklist loaded with 100 tasks geared towards making your move a smooth process. This includes items such as reminders to transfer school records, or purchase enough insurance to cover the move. Best of all, customized lists can be created to fit your needs.

4. Moving Day (Free – iPhone) – With its built in bar code scanner and label making ability, Moving Day will let you create bar codes to affix to the various moving boxes. When scanned the contents of the box will be displayed on your phone. No more tearing open boxes looking for a particular item.

5. MoveMatch (Free – Android) – This app can determine the rough weight of your items that can then be placed in a list and forwarded to the moving service to help get estimates or to let them know where you want items placed at the destination.

6. Home Moving (Free- iPhone) – This app can help you determine an estimate for moving costs. Inventory your items and use the built in calculator to get a house size analysis.

7. My Move (Free – iPhone/iPad, Android) – An all in one app that provides a good organizer for getting ready for the move.

8. Home Moving Checklist (Free – iPhone/iPad, Android) – Another checklist app that aims to keep your move from turn into a chaotic disaster. Using the Home Moving Checklist app will provide the organization you need during this hectic time.

9. Yelp (Free – iPhone, Android) – Not so much a moving app, Yelp is a great tool for those in a new area and are looking for recommendations. Built upon user reviews, Yelp will help you find those most essential of locations: bars and restaurants. Also, drugstores, grocery stores and such.

These apps will go a long way to making your move a smooth process and hopefully stress free. The professionals at Moving Service Lafayette LA know that moving can be made easier.


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