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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

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Bang For Your Buck: What Are You Getting Out of Your Phone Plan

With the purchase of a cell phone from almost any major retailer, a contract ranging from six months to three years or longer is often necessary. With even just a single smartphone, customers could be looking at potentially lengthy contractions and expensive stipulations, and that is why everyone should take a few extra seconds to understand a few basic steps to take in order to get the most out of one’s phone and phone plan.

Contract Details
One of the most important choices will come down to the contract details. Families and loved one’s will often purchase their phones and sign a contract in a bundle to save on money and cut down on the total minutes and texts that they will be using. Depending on the carrier, group contracts could cut costs by a relatively large percentage, but the length of the contract itself is another important consideration to make as they can range from just a few months to multiple years.

Phone Options
The next thing to consider is the phone itself. Many loyal Apple customers will opt for iPhone plans so that they can keep up with this mobile technology and its unique app market. Customers may also choose the Blackberry OS from in order to take full advantage of Research in Motion, also known as RiM. The primary alternative to Apple and Blackberry cell phones are phones base on the Android operating system. This company has a number of unique features including an app market that is owned and operated by Google.

Data Plans
Some cell phones do come without the need for a data plan, but almost all smartphones like iphone plans that are listed as a 3G or 4G phone require a 3G or 4G data plan. Data plans refer to the amount of information that is uploaded and downloaded from the phone when it is not utilizing a local wireless network. With modern carriers, the data plan is often the most expensive component of one’s overall phone bill.

Warranties and Coverage
A final consideration, and one that many customers overlook, is the warranty and coverage extended to the phone. Warranties will vary by the manufacturer of the phone as well as the retailer and they could potentially save the owner of the phone hundreds of dollars in the coming years. This coverage can often be extended to further cover all accidents and theft, preventing the need to purchase an additional phone before the contract is expired.


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