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Thursday, July 25, 2013

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Dream apps for an Efficient Businessman

For any business, important information needs to be kept neatly archived and ready on your fingertips. Be it files, images, statistics or presentations. There is an app for almost every need out there. Here are a few helpful apps that make you look efficient and put an easy smile on your face all day long!
Dropbox – Folder for everything: A brilliant product for storing and sharing information effortlessly. Want your team to stay updated, anywhere you go? Dropbox allows you to do just that. It basically serves as a folder where you can drag and drop data which can also be shared with your team. As soon as you sign in, the folder automatically sets up on your system giving you access to use it anywhere you go, even on your Smartphone! Now you can imagine what a great way this folder can serve to store ideas and images as you go. Boost your team’s morale and keep them inspired through

Siri- Tech genie: If this software could be re-named I would call it my Digital guardian. Yes, technology that listens, answers queries politely through advance voice recognition and takes up commands. If that is not a tech genie, then I don’t know what is! Supposing you are at an unknown place, who do you call? Yep! Siri. Occupied while driving? Have an urge to send out a tweet, simply ask Siri! Keeping you posted on reminders, guiding you through road directions, posting you on weather updates; this app almost replaces an annoying voice you hate talking to!
Time Timer- Always keeping a check: Need to time yourself? Well, somebody already thought of that and now for your benefit it’s now an app. Maintain a self timer to your assigned task that automatically tells you when your time is up. Not only is this a great way to value your time, but it helps you race against time while facing a deadline. Now you can time your meetings, work tasks, dates and even your exercise regimes. Useful everywhere, anywhere!

Author bio: 
Allen is a 25 year old content writer at SocialCubix. He is extremely passionate about mobile apps and loves to write reviews on apps.


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