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Saturday, July 27, 2013

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Five Ways Your Company Could be Using Technology Better

Technology has fundamentally altered how businesses operate. Most companies understand that it is now necessary and beneficial to use computers, the Internet and advance software for tasks that were once performed manually. New technologies are appearing all of the time. It is important for businesses to constantly to explore these new technologies. There are five ways that most companies could be using technology better.

Enterprise Resource Planning
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) technologies can help companies in a number of ways. An ERP system ties together many different aspects of a company from accounting and human resources to employee analytics and inventory control. An ERP is a centralized system that allows a business to see real-time data about nearly any part of the company. This helps when planning, making decisions or assembling reports. An ERP system is also a source for real-time metrics that can be used for workforce management.

Decentralized Office
Companies can use technology to decentralize an office so that it is easier for employees to remain productive. Using cloud-based services and delivering data to lean software clients allows employees to work from any location. It removes the need to tie critical people to a single workstation. It also makes expanding the business into different geographical regions or offices easier since everything from data to applications can be accessed across a network.

Collect Customer Feedback and Opinions
Customer opinions and feedback are crucial for the success and longevity of any business. Companies like Mindshare Technologies have software platforms that make collecting, aggregating and analyzing customer opinions and feedback easier. The software allows a company to capture the voice of the customer without implementing arduous manual processes or outbound campaigns. The technology will assist nearly every department from merchandising and marketing to product development and sales when assessing how to better satisfy customers. 

Technology makes collaboration much easier and more efficient. New software suites and telepresence technologies allow employees, clients and vendors to take an active part in collaborations that can improve supply chains or revenues. This technology makes it unnecessary to schedule large in-person meetings. It also allows a business to collaborate fully with professionals and specialists located anywhere in the world for as long as necessary.

Engage Customers
Many businesses are not using technology to engage customers. How consumers gather and interact with information has changed. Companies need to use technology to create new channels that engage customers primarily online. This means using social media, mobile platforms and interactive tools to create an online customer experience that speaks to the brand. This will keep the business visible and relevant.


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